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With rick worthington well advisor steve bannon is pushing president trump to fulfill a mm pain pledge and pull the united states out of the 2016 paris climate agreement and which is work out by the un and involves about one hundred ninety five countries and all bob constantini reports from the white house the president is getting other advice to stay the president will announce his decision in the rose garden is after a new if there is an audience it will likely mean he's withdrawing the us from the paris climate agreement but not certain area wiz mr trump is hearing from republican senators from coal states especially calling for him to drop us participation in the pact that seeks to limit the rise of earth's temperature the obama administration has started to implement greenhouse gas emissions limits but daughter ivanka and soninlaw jared kushner are said to be among those it widening the president to keep the us on board it's unclear where chief of staff reince priebus stands bob costantini the white house cnn is reporting congressional investigators were examining whether attorney general jeff sessions had an additional private meeting with russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign jim shudo oh says this would not be the first time sessions did not disclose meeting during his confirmation hearing you remember on january tenth sessions testify that he quote did not have any communications with the russians and quote during the campaign he said the same in a written statement submitted to the senate judiciary committee when reports emerged in march that he did have two meetings with ambassador kislyak during the campaign one at the republican national convention in july and one in his senate office in september sessions then conceded that the meetings happen but insisted they were part of his senate duties and have nothing to do with the campaign meanwhile let's see what's happening on wall street stocks kick off the new month of june on a bit of a roll the dow higher for six months in a row the nasdaq higher for seven straight even though stocks ended a little bit lower yesterday to close out may today is daewon of the atlantic hurricane season and forecasters are calling for and above normal number of storms up to seventeen in all and includes as many.

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