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Cooper? My. Really I think it comes down to Christmas not knocking. Yeah. Okay. Can we agree like? Can we agree on that? Yeah I think. I don't think have we figured out yet what Baloch system on the door as I've seen. So many mixed messages some say like Oh enzo should have just locked the doors some say you can't physically lock the door because production couldn't get in in case of an emergency. So I think the jury is still out on that one but no matter what yeah I agree that Christmas should not. Learned. The first time after the first time it happened give a little tippy tap on the door not just throw it open but they're just feel very Christmas Abbott right serve charging him with brusque fours and really no thoughts about. What might fall her every move not only that but I know in the past they've had either like little sliders or a piece of paper you can flip that says occupied or open or whatever. Why don't they just do that is there is there a reason not to in there's only five people in the house could Christmas snatches do a quick check of like where is everyone Owens's missing? He's probably in the bathroom headcount everybody sound off also are not gonNA blame the people in the shower who are not saying like, Hey, there's someone in there. Yeah that's also true. Oh man this is like a really elaborate wing to get Allie Lascher in here to litigate this court case because I feel like we gotta hear from all the witnesses now is the burden of proof needs to be on the person in the toilet person coming the person who saw the person coming from the shower head coach didn't see. Cody still in the shower on the stand having to answer these questions. Where were you? Well, like I had like so much shampoo like in my hair like and then like Christmas like knocked on the door. I just can't imagine like Enzo or cody in a court of law because they're verbal tics will just make incredibly annoying to be a jury member. Spit out cody sped. Mr. Palumbo. Were you witness to the murder? Yes, all that night is what it is. A is a knife was what it was. The the yeah. The lawyer ask question that's what I'm saying. Just, back like Oh. So you were in the alley on the third yellow is in the alley tonight of the twenty-third yellowstone saying that's what I'm saying. I think that's my favorite part about Enzo and I feel like it comes across less on the show. But definitely, when you watch feeds is someone will say something to him that he is absolutely not saying or in fact saying the opposite of and his response is just that's what I'm saying Yo and I'm like. Well, in fact, you were previously not saying this in fact, you probably disagree with that statement. So I understand it as a filler phrase, but it is so direct enough. It's not filler enough like it's to direct enough. That's what I'm saying I'm saying all right. Well, I'm I'm knocking on the Gary Let's let's get going. Boy Gary Poured Carey's trying to use the restroom. We're talking about week number ten interesting situation at a final five here at least probably more interesting. Maybe the past couple of weeks of Big Brother Twenty, two have provided. Between everything with Nicole, winning putting a stop to Memphis is. Guys final four between you know the back and forth s who should go Christmas or Memphis ultimately. It's Memphis walking out I could say maybe besides Ian, this might be the first genuine blindside and probably only genuine blindside of the season in Memphis walking out. Mary. What did you think about this past week and Big Brother Twenty Two? I was. Glad that we at least had some intrigue between cody and Enzo debating whether or not. They wanted to screw Nicole over and do something different. If this was a different season, maybe we would have seen and so trying to win the veto or actually managing to win it and then taking one of Memphis or Christmas off the block that would have been exciting but given what it was. Eats in a weird place right now to be going into the next week trying to root for Christmas I guess just to upset the status quo. I feel like Memphis was a bit brought down by his own. Multiple. Alliances is this is tyler going to be sitting there being like Ha si it's all your your final threes and you file to. Why He said that about. That about cody during that jury. Cody's do toadies do and what I didn't WANNA do man getting trouble. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody with cody he was like Oh shoot it's working for him. That's I was afraid to do that. But with Memphis at least it's Kinda. More of the tyler result or what he was afraid of. We're getting towards the slow point at the end of the season Kinda coming up on like. Is there anything that's GonNa Stop Cody from just. Getting it to the end of the game here. Yeah I I really liked that comparison actually with the O. Making multiple alliances and how that can backfire especially hearing Memphis talk this week about how confident he was that he was going to say he was like I could win veto whatever Christmas will still go home I got the wise guys not a problem. And so that was pretty interesting to see and then yeah the the only other piece of intrigue. I would say this week was the discussion of Christmas versus Memphis which was very short-lived. So I think to agree with Mary again, like we're at the point where it's the bullet points just ready to okay who won veto okay. Moving on you know what I mean like. I don't need much more I. Mean there was some interesting stuff here though I know when I was on the round table last Saturday I tried to make a case at that point of like. Well, you know what I think Nicole might have a slowly growing shot of winning the game. If Memphis leave, she might have the second highest win equity I. think that's become a bit surprisingly more apparent with her winning the veto seems like Memphis at least in my talking with him is surprisingly high on her so it could be that it's a cody versus Nicole final two which up beyond this might be the most interesting outcome at this point it could. I. Don't think it's going to be you know Nicole actually squeaking this one out, but it could be closer than expected I. Guess the other thing that I took from this is and this will get into some final four stuff. So skip ahead about a minute or so if you don't want to know the details, you know I think cody's in a very good position obviously, just one, the final four veto but I think looking back on his game. I'm still just greatly surprised at what he's done at the final five and final four where I think he put his game in more jeopardy than he really needed to with some of the decisions that he made. To the point where like apparently, he threw the H. Two Enzo, which doesn't make any sense in any capacity from a final four perspective. So cody was playing with fire after you know holding a hose, the entire game, but he was able to squeak bruce good on him. Yeah it's hard to not be result oriented because we're seeing how this is playing out now in retrospect. But I feel like he was so well insulated almost regardless I get kind of I. Don't know I don't know nothing matters. Does it matter does anything matter? It's just they've been so fricking dominant encompass wins and so it's really hard to look and see about the Oh but what if? When you have such an astounding compliment. Wins think are probably the determining factor there between cody in Memphis who both have the same group of people in their alliance pretty much from the start have both in their own minds gone through this game and a pretty easy fashion. But the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CODY IN MEMPHIS, making all these alliances because cody was one winning he was actively protecting people and seeming to be the one charge whereas Memphis was like I set up this alliance I got. All, these final three is in final twos. I'm fine. I'm insulated here at the end and they're gonNA keep me but no one actually felt that real strong connection with him because he hadn't been recently doing anything to really help them and if anything he was winning at the wrong time and putting up the wrong people like putting up Nicole during the triple and stuff like that. That was just hurting him. So when you look at Tyler's decision to. Well. If if he does feel like Memphis got screwed for doing something by Cody's managing to do it correctly, it's because of that. Social Game Element that cody has over month. So yeah, it's weird that he. Is taking so many risks win for pretty much the entire game he's been. Playing like on paper a perfect game..

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