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There might have been more of an appetite to go into the tax if they are playing better and they just weren't however so call it about twenty thirty million dollars in savings or so For the celtics. And that's you know to give up a pr- this is a better pick than is often involved in these kinds of transactions the sixteenth pick and they also got worse in terms of the second round did get broad backgrounds bright. Do about the same as the second round. Let's consider all the non first. Ron horford walker self Relatively awash i would say we'll see whether brown gets a tick for the celtics. When he's got the puts us in points and rebounds also pretty slow so they how much talent downgrade is this on the floor if it even is one if you factor in availability. I'm not sure that it is much though. It's fascinating from the perspective of brad stevens. First of all trading a player. He coached for a player. He goes but because of the idea of scarcity versus surplus so not only are centers in general or big men in general horford complacent for more in supply. But also they're more in supply in boston where robert williams is still on his rookie scale contract. He is extension eligible. I don't know if that gets a little thorny. Her and probably doesn't But they also tristan thompson under contract fully guaranteed nine point seven million for next season. So yeah you can play horford a little bit with them but you also create this huge question which is what in the world or the celtics going to do at point guard because they have the half peyton pritchard but boston. Now they don't have a first-round pick which not only could you draft draft a guy but that probably wouldn't be good enough to start on a team with lafi expirations but could be traded for somebody that could or you could theoretically use the mid level on that type of player or you could use that the trade exception the biggest one they have left is eleven million of the gordon hayward exception you could use one of those to get a point guard but those aren't necessarily the easiest paths so when you consider the threshold that boston is looking at this. Isn't you know like a fringe playoff team. Trying to get a point guard stopgap. This is a team that needs somebody who can start him potentially play in a conference finals. Well i think reading through here and we'll save me. The reason that this is being done is to potentially facilitate other moves. That one of those moods could just be resigning for who they have. The full bird rights on So and if they bring him back and you know they're five million in the tax they could still may be tried to make a move with thomson at the deadline. They could try to sweeten that with one of their young guys Robert williams might be sweeteners. While who it just seems like brad stevens buying into him as the starting center is just not something that he is going to do. And he's not a big grant williams guy yard. We can conclude that given by the usage patterns of those guys by brad stevens the coach over the last couple of years and they still do need another center in addition to to horford. But i think you know if you re signed for a and smart is like so you get smart. Four a brown tatum. Horford your starters brad. Stevens has previously kinda run. His offense through al horford at the elbows. And so this would be a group that would al horford. Would kind of i think in theory just make up for the lack of a traditional pick and roll point guard. And you're also gonna say are big. Scores are jayson. Tatum and jaylen brown. So wouldn't it be better if we have just a center facilitating for those guys out at the elbows. Doing a bunch of handoffs stepping out can get back to that. Twenty seventeen offense with isaiah thomas Give space for these guys to get to the rim and four as well to just kind of play off orford at the elbows. And brad as never really particularly used a senator who rose to the rim while and they annually of kind of disappointed in terms of their ability to get to the foul line ability to finish at the rim. Get to the rim. They haven't done a great job of that particularly when they haven't had al horford there to kind of facilitate things. So maybe that's the thought here. Now that's a big bet on al horford right and i think certainly when healthy kemba walker is a much better player than al horford and so a lot of times you might see something like this where the trade is made but you're also of getting a slightly better guy than the bad salary the toxic salary but of course dealer issue is the kemba walker. Couldn't sail. they got a bone bruise. That same left knee that had been bothering him. And so you felt like yari can had like a really nice april and early may but he was small. You know that's gonna be a big problem going up against brooklyn in the east and he couldn't stay healthy and the and they obviously know better than anybody. What the state of that knee is. And so i think it's quite possible that al horford gives you more production than kemba walker over the next couple of years because kemba just is not gonna be able to be healthy. So maybe that's part of this calculation. But i would you agree that. What healthy cam walker player than and horford though the combination of somebody who can space the foreign. Also be a capable defensive player. now it's been. It's been a couple of years since he was in boston. And we wonder what horford can be at that level for a for a team that needs a lot from needs often. The five member horford. He already turned thirty. Five like this is you. Don't expect the this to reverse the hands of time or anything like that. But yeah i would say so and i think how we think about these two players a year from now is going to be extremely important. Now horford buteau. We'll talk about his future with the celtics after this coming season after. But it's i think it's in many ways. This is as much a bet against kemba walker health as it is anything else because if kemba walker you know if he's very limited or he can't you know you can't trust that he'll be on the floor in april may june. Then he just doesn't have value for a for a high level team and kemba walker that contract that he as a free agent. Got the got that max contract thirty seven point six million for twenty two twenty three. It's a possibility that looks like a huge negative and maybe for a team. That's less competitive or a team that can withstand the health variants from kemba. Maybe it looks a little bit different but that is it is a reasonable. And it's one that. I would always be very cognizant about of as the other team because as you said you presume that the boston celtics no significantly more about the viability of kemba walker knee than anybody else does. Then we'll get to the okay see porsche this In a little bit because walkers he can still play right that's the kind of guy is that they have focused in on rightfully so in some of these traits. All over i thought he looked a little rejuvinated playing center. And okay see and in fact agassi's defense was surprisingly competent when he played last year. He can't really protect the rim anymore. Though so can he switch. Are they going to like have him getting out on the floor in roll defense which he's more comfortable with maybe so pissed especially if they have all this length they can kinda fly iran behind him maybe cover up for some of those gaps And then of.

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