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The scenario here obviously is machines that are in either powered on and running and lock screen or in some kind of sleep. The doesn't involve fully flushing ram out to disc full hibernate engine in a really security critical environment. There has always been that sleep is not an appropriate thing. We in the machine could be left on the. At all, and you go into full power off hibernate. And I think that is still the same advice on this kind of doesn't really change that. And that's the recommendation that the research is here. Make that in those situations hard, powerful machine or us tonight and sleep. Now last week, you and I was speaking about this Melwood crew taking down magenta or stores and injecting their Java scrip- dim, stealing cod, numbers, and all that sort of stuff and you, you picked up the fact that magenta it actually being acquired by adobe and boy, oh boy. Has there been some relevant news in that department this week? Lot of lot of screaming wailing and gnashing of teeth. There was a whole hope. I'm to drama the magenta software package had a bug bounty program as part of bug grounds platform that have been collecting on bugs for awhile. Was paying out some real cash for those Darby moved the platform moved across to the ACA one platform under the existing program. And then depending on which account of store you believe decided they weren't going to pay for bargains anymore and said, you'd only get the usual of or whatever t shirts that adobe give out or adobe forgot to update the details to say that you'd still get paid. It's not entirely clear which one of these narratives is most correct. But the net result at the moment is it's now on though bees hack of one program and you'll get paid for magenta bug still. Well, that's what they're saying. It's it's not really clear where this landed, but I can say. I know I know people at Diaby and their approach people think are they don't have a bug bounty program. They do. They just like to invite people to it. Right? That's kind of been the way that they've rolled and that look, that makes sense for a lot of Diaby infrastructure and products, but I don't think it really makes sense in the case of magenta which is more of a community driven package. Right? So I think they might have been miscalculations day. Yeah, I'm sure it has been a fun day for anyone involved in our over and adobe. It's been a little bit rough on them. The certainly a lot of wedding and gnashing of teeth and people shaking. If this same, we'll find we'll go on sale Boggs only one hundred on the black market, which you know if you do that, you're a jerk. Well, you'll probably get caught. Maybe you end up getting a job at the FBI just like the well. Well. I don't think you would. You know when you when you selling that sorta tooling, that's real trouble particularly. What happened to Stephen watt, man. So let's do that in mind. Now, one month out for my heart, deadline, half of US government agency demeans not d-mark compliant this. This news comes to us from proof point..

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