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Of pure alcohol on an average day for man um so that would be four to five drink a day and forty grams or about three drinks per day for women that's considered chronic heavy drinking the daily drinking three drinks for women fortified drinks for men and what they found was that there should be interventions for heavy drinking and treatment for alcohol use disorders implemented to reduce the alcohol alcohol attributable burden of dementia we worry about dementia as our demographics change and more and more people are reaching the age of sixty or beyond and we look for all kinds of ways to make it healthier the brain as we age nina me in part of it is all about fish oil because the brain so desperately needs the dha component in omega3 once we get beyond the age of forty we need about a thousand milligrams a day of dha that's my take on it and that's based on what i've seen in the studies were they looked at cognitive function the doses above seven hundred fifty milligrams indefinitely above one thousand all show benefit and depth daily intake of dha you also need cpa um but they're not not being a chronic heavy drinker appears to be one of the most important thing that we can do so i'm in a head out for a quick break this is food for thought and i'll be back in about two minutes have you had your carlsson norwegian fish oil today boon decades ago scientists discovered why greenland eskimos maintain healthy heart despite their high fat diet the high level of a mega 3 oils in their seafood diet protected their cards carlsson norwegian fish oil.

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