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That's it's not as serious as if it did happen but tells you know that's crying wolf if you're using that now while i. It has geopolitical implications for players coming from the national hockey league. That again i was way beyond whatever we could cover in a couple of minutes deal. They've already group them. They've always okay. This guy supports putin. This guy sports putin they've held the fundraiser than these guys. Don't that's that's That's i don't think that. Is this. The first of that type of thing that i've heard any sport like political political in nature like at least in the nhl at least north american sports. I mean i'm sure it happens with international athletes in olympic sports or maybe you know in leagues in europe. But i can't recall anything like that. You know released recently olympics sports the sixty olympics test that was circling. even beyond that boycotts. The i can't recall anything since then. That's kind of crossed over but like utica lines like that. You're potentially talking about pitting players on the same team each other Depending on their thoughts on who should be leading new certain countries gets a fascinating stuff on there. Were just at the start of it. Really feels like And then one other thing that came up last week Article in the athletic. That generated a lot of buzz from ken. Dryden who we know is can be a little bit long winded at times but had a boot presented a very very strong case for change in the national hockey league where he wants to expand the nets. And we've heard this talk before. I don't know if i've heard it quite in the in the same detailed way that he laid out like no no. I haven't made but And i'm sure he's done in the past. But i don't know what's your. What's your general impression of reading about this this week the nick nixon rule yeah. He's talking about this talking about it for good You know at least ten years not fifteen years of just in a what. The nets bigger. Now i'm seeing more and it coincides with the crackdown on the.

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