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What what is that even would mean in a way that like is super understandable and you can incorporate reddaway into your daily routine and it's not too i know what you mean though the science starts to come out and say hold on let me let me get the whiteboard gives us like a clear why like kristen i like it's hard for us to incorporate routines if we don't know why we're doing it you know well i found that psych kind of the fima amongst a lot of clients and it was funny when i first met mon she was basically eating the fat four she just you know maybe hadn't realized that i it was like part of my categories or like the why and so even just like sitting down with their her vange body clients or like any of the clients that i work with today you can tell someone what to eat i can give someone at eaton do not eat less all day long but then i'm just a diet and they're just stuck in on diet and they don't know why and there needs to not be it needs to not be so black and white there needs to be some great area because there's going to be a time when you want to cook he or some dairy or a glass of wine or martini and you need to know like well how what's happening to me internally and how can i either rebound from that or pick make the right choices when i when i do and and that's okay because this is real life because i really think it's about like being active you know whether that's dance and checking out our app or you know however you move and then eating clean living life and enjoying it right i mean there's such a balance that needs to be had and so the categories i think are just helpful to help people create balance in their life on their plate and in their biology like through their blood sugar so.

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