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And you know rapid fire staff tried traveling to work more rapid fire but ritual works more a little more laid back you know kind of kind of you know it's difficult different stage approach to to what he's doing and so you know you just do what works for you you know Caliendo yeah he's I think it's a little more laid back on stage you know than I am but you know I think everybody thinks about the John Madden thing and one thing we think you we think and Jay Leno is like in your profession is that the thing we want to get that one that's just everybody connection with an adult thank you back in the back in the in the eighties back in the nineteen eighties I was known for the Chuck Barris impression that I did it myself because it was I could do that in the most perfect Chuck Barris impression with the hat the boys in the look and everything and just everything and they used to go crazy in the clubs for that voice and all the comedians you know loved it and and the audiences and everything so yeah and then and then I began at the end they started college Dave cool yeah you know date because I'm poor basically I used to call me Mister Johnny Mathis the like of that again that you get those ones that you kind of do that are unique that stand out and nobody can kind of touch him and then you could you kind of get known in the little circles for that you know yeah I guess it's important to you to your hang around on the rich little and you're hanging around some of these big stars you want to have your thing right I mean that's kind of what I got I'm a matter of pride too yeah you yeah you know you do and yeah I think one of the one of the ones that that I do that that rich little always liked was that was Robert Wagner you know people love Robert Wagner and if you remember Robert Wagner talks like this yeah I was on that show called it takes a three and then I did heart to heart and when I speak I sound like that exactly us great we are rich with a love that you know and and so I think that I think that you know as an impressionist you know you can pick up another voice from another impressionist if you if you see the hopes that they captured if you're trying to get a hook and you go I can't find a can of what you hear another guy do it and he does it well captures outlook you can learn it that way other than from the original Star and I remember rich little tell me when I said you know you did that great performance on Hawaii five O. years ago were you get the James Cagney impressions and rich little ghost you know he goes I learned that James Cagney impression from Frank Gorshin one you say yeah one now so that a lot of time that's how we are able to do it you know yeah your members Dana Carvey would exaggerate.

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