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Right. It takes a couple of years off. And then comes in finishes his career with Baltimore because of why not. Yeah. Get one of just those rare athletes that, like, I think, and I kinda thought this it points to about about various players. But it just like how like these guys clearly wouldn't be good today. Right. Like a lock. It's like. Yeah. Athletes are just the continue to get better. Each eras like better athletically. And so while I think there are definitely some players that could kind of make that jump right on would still be good. Dion is one where I have very little doubt that he could peak Dion would be inserted in today's game and be every bit as good. I think there were, so that's an interesting question were there any players that you saw from this game that you think would still be able to succeed in today's NFL Dion is obviously one of them was there anyone else? I mean, I think I, I think, you know, rice and Irvine would probably still be fine urban his game was more physical and he has like, from a size standpoint fits what we think of as a big receiver still today. So I think like that, that element in his ability to be physical and get open in the intermediate area and stuff like that, and generates actually did it and close the monitor Jerry Rice did it for a million years? So, yeah, I don't think there's a lot of question about that one. The player for me is Ricky Watters. I think Ricky Watters would succeed in today's NFL. I mean you saw him split out a lot and motion a lot in this game. And he was running around. He went he ran that wheel rowdy is going to touchdown on that wheel route, and he was fast. I mean he hit the whole real quick. And so he's a player, I think that could succeed in today's NFL surprisingly, I did not go in expecting this at all because we hear so much about how offense of line right now as as like has. Such a dearth of talent, like we need more good offensive linemen. And in it, it makes you kind of feel like this is the worst era for offensive linemen that we've had I don't know man, looking at these guys, and it could have been like granted there. There's some weird things with this camera angle, and you had the field that was just a disaster. And so it's possible like some of those things just make it look a bit more sluggish and hectic than than it, really would be if you were to watch and a different game watch the Super Bowl or something on a on a better field. But the offensive lineman in this game you know, you look at Dallas and again supposed to be one of the best offensive lines, maybe an NFL history and they were just all huge mall like they don't move very well. And I think that, like they would really struggle from just like the little bit that I saw. And it's like I don't know that they would be very good in today's game. I agree with you. Remember the I forget the Limon's name, but he had an issue with this helmet. And I think it's face was coming off. And so we had to. Off the field. And they've put I guess, Ron stone or someone in his place. This is the Cowboys offensive lineman. But I just looked at his body composition, and he just looked genus. Could you huge like probably all three hundred thirty three or four. Could you imagine Aaron Donald going up against God's someone like that? They would have no chains. No, it would it would be over. I mean you saw even Brian Young, Brian is, you know, why had such a good way can play like yeah. He was able to use quickness against those guys a lot to be able to get in the backfield and like make plays run line scrimmage. And, and get pressures and yeah. I think that was the one thing that I was surprised..

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