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Certain grand slams and so forth or reach a certain status in an external sands but then she'll developer intrinsic goals which is very mature around what lots are up in internally inside of herself which might be getting out of their comfort zone all helping others realizing potential finding sense of purpose and meaning in life. How important are her dogs in In meeting the goals. Robin -tations almo god. Yes ash heard love of dogs. And i totally get it right. I absolutely love dogs as well had dogs. All my life as well. But there's something a bit like dolphins and wiles. I think there's something spiritual about the unconditional love and loyalty and gratitude. That comes from dogs and she absolutely has that connection with with dogs and she's an ambassador for the space is willing queensland and yet just the i don't know what it is she's got five dogs also loves coffee so the dogs named after shanin forgotten show and so forth. Yes i think. It's because of the unconditional love. That dogs provide dogs. Have the most amazing perspective rod if a dog loses its leg becomes three legged dog the first thing it does after surgery and after corporation is it gets back in the pack and it starts to run around a wag its tile and starts to and it just celebrates the fact that it's still living and its opportunity and so forth and we can learn so much from dogs understands. That connection is why we. Here's is humans. Neuro biologically hardwired for connection now primarily. That's humans but it's also connection tonight nature and it's also connection to animals and ash. Has that absolutely love connection tonight you. She loves walking barefoot in grasp why she loves wimbledon. So much in my opinion Off obviously why she loves people and people love her officials. has that same connection with animals as well. These conversations with sarah can he more conversations anytime on the abc. Listen up. Abc dot net dot edu slash conversations. Ben.

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