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Get the full picture and regardless of if it's ten twenty, thirty, forty years have gone by hearing these stories I think just are important and important to talk about, and I'm sure you also have amazing memories from Zach Stop Modeling Quarters. Like do you have a favorite cycle? was there what are some the fondest moments that stick out to you because like risk at those those early cycles it was we we watched nonstop young. I favored cycle. It's so hard because. There's so many magical moments even in later cycles when things weren't that great behind the scenes, I loved personally as an abroad location. One of my favorite abroad locations was being in Marrakech Morocco for shooting for three weeks. I. Kind of felt this real spiritual connection I did not expect to feel like never traveled there before But yeah in the early cycles were special. You know literally even the creative, it was a phone call between me entirely on the phone I'd say you know she always wanted to route it and things she had done and that was her honest intention out of the gate. So the girls could experience the industry. and. I would just say what if we did shoot like this a lot of people talk about and even psycho three. Shoot I did with the it was the Verragio jewelry with the Tarantulas and the growing alison there. But. That was really inspired by this. Old. Old. It's like an iconic jewelry ad I think the script `scuse shot at like Iman was the supermodel there like spiders and animals. I just wanted to kind of always kind of would give a nod to the greats out there and I've had the opportunity work with major photographers like any Liebowitz Richard Avedon. Herb Ritts I got to work with these created visionaries and I wanted to always. Be inspired by their work on the show. So I would say those early cycles cycle three favorite for so many people. I definitely love that cycle. It was the first cycle we had covergirl and I, and I had pitched them with our CO executive producer. They were a client of mine were proctor and gamble was, and that's how they became part of the show and it was just fun those early cycles building. It was fun from behind the scenes because we thought we were only GonNa do maybe two or three cycles that was right. Yeah. Yeah and so much more right and I see you Jay's chat on Instagram and you've been talking to models who have been on the show what was your relationship like with these contestants on the show during the time that you were filming and verse? Now. Yeah. So A lot of people we talk about on the James Chats. Because I'm person who spent the most time with the girls. So I was obviously administering challenges or Or teaches, but the photo shoots. Are, the are the longest segments of the show. You only see about eight to ten minutes of it in each episode but I, we shoot for fifteen hours. So I got to really know the girls and we'd hang out at lunch and dinner what some of it was on camera. A lot of it isn't even though the cameras were shooting, you don't see it in the final edit. So I got to learn how the girls tick and my job was always to make sure they had everything. They could to put their best foot forward so. You know some girls need a little push, shove other girls, e the handhold, and I to learn who they were. So a lot of the girls too. You know I go back to even cycle one because you can see it on camera that could even cut around it. You know they were trying to make it look like Robin was challenging me in the bathroom when we were shooting in Buddha Khan in Paris and that new jewelry shoot it was just her Shannon Alison Adrian left. Yes I do remember them all ever again. I was GONNA. Say I can't even remember like the people who some of the names of people I work with. Incredible, they all be competitive family, but there's this scene specifically were. Robin was talking about you know because she was very religious a but when the cameras weren't rolling, she was always teasing and joking with me and kind of like the spun sexual way it was kind of funny and we got along really well. So on camera she saying to me last week it was Lebron's Pani this weakest. Thong what's it going to be next week? 'cause I'm saying she could cover up with ribbons right and the thing is she goes my grandma always told me if you don't stand for something offer every nigga laughing and they tried to make it look like I'm serious but. Got Along well with the girls I didn't really have any. Kind of a negative interactions I'm sure of course there moments where were like pushing and I'm trying to get the girls to work, but we didn't not get along. So there are a lot of the models over the years I've remained in touch with a couple of my friends with and So doing this, I wanted the girls to have an opportunity to just speak about their experiences also behind the scenes because the fans WanNa know like their o. the and then also I'm kind of in those chats I only have a couple of left but we're we're also talking about the. Clearing up the rumors that people know. Yeah. They're the rumors are always always crazy and obviously you know we had asked you about Tara but are there the other panelists judges like we're at those people you've kept relationships with or not at all Oh of course? Yeah you know like I I've always loved Paulina PORCO versus before she came on the show and I knew Andre before the show you all of that so is great kind of working with them and then obviously Miss J and Nigel. We've always we're always like each other at events or Nigel's doing one of his you know kind of He does a lot of philanthropic work I go in support him..

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