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Okay, next up, we have got the raptors retaining Chris Boucher and Thad young, Chris Boucher, fine deal, Thad young fine deal. All of this makes sense for me in terms of they need depth, both those guys bring depth. Yeah, I mean, they've been quiet and I think we both know why they've been quiet. It's getting to that person later on the podcast. Definitely sussing out the trademark for some players. I'm curious to see the big chatter around like raptors media and the raptors fan base is like we got to add big man death. And bringing back Chris Boucher and stuff helps. But is that where they draw the line? Are they going to try to get into the 8 and sweepstakes at any point if, let's say they don't succeed at the camera Durant. Sweepstakes, are they going to try and trade for miles turn or are they Jakob pearl might be available who I think would be a really good fit? Is it going to be like a return of Jakob? I think there's a number of options that messiah has, but I think for good reason, everything's on hold. There's a big fish. That's a fascinating idea. I wonder if you could do something like San Antonio moves. Look, San Antonio has enough cap space to where I think they can get pretty close to just maxing ayton, right? If they want to. And just forcing Phoenix's hand as opposed to trying to negotiate a sign and trade, but I wonder if the avenue is maybe you do like a three team sign and trade where you move yakub to Toronto, you move a couple of those young, maybe it's a four team sign and trade where you move a couple of you have 8 to San Antonio, Jakob to Toronto. A couple of those younger players that just drafted like malachi brand and Blake Wesley to Brooklyn in along with Michael bridges and cam Johnson and whatever else Brooklyn wants. And then you move Kevin Durant to Phoenix. Yeah, I mean, it definitely seems to be that Brooklyn wants Phoenix to go get assets elsewhere. And that would be a pathway for sure. To get some of those assets. So I mean, I think the spurs are one of the few teams with gap space or mooning and they remain a wild card for that reason. If you're the problem with that deal is if you're saying Antonio, do you move malachi brand and Blake wesleyan, Jacob pearl for Deandre ayton? I wouldn't. I mean, I don't see the rush for them. They just moved off of Dijon Murray if they still had Murray on the team, I would be like, okay, that sounds interesting. I can build something with Murray and ayton, but it seems to me that there are leaning into this like rebuild, so to speak, and you would have all of these ex assistant coaches that used.

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