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Heck's this e Connectivity hose charlie. The professor esser with me as always is the blue obama from the burger pits. Dale still up. Welcome back once again to superconductivity. Well within the heck's yes the hacks 'cause hey heck's power is man that's remember. That was a thing in the comics that we decided to make part of this darcy coin and it works it works. 'cause of the hexagonal shape. Now we know why heck's is for that joke so we can make that joke happen to quote as i'm sure ryan george will say eventually i ryan george. We know what you're going to before you do it. He just justin called pitch meetings on youtube. My son loves them. And i love them too but anyway so yeah so for those who have not seen friday's episode of one division episode five. Yes episode five. Only three left only three more chances to me to bunny foo foo. Let me double check. Is it three years at four. is there nine episodes. I thought there was only eight. They were doing the so they were doing. The heart ache at disney. Plus you know according to my list. It's nine oh wow so four more episodes of the new four this. It's the mid season At our mid-sized to taylor. But i guess technically this is the midseason cloquet evenly divided nine so yet either. Four or five midseason. Yeah annual They've got to get us excited. And they got us excited today. you have a theory there. So let us year phillips theory and then we'll talk about what it's at i. Oh no no no. I am so convinced. I would go on record. Friday february fifth. Eight nineteen pm. I willing to give it the old mark. My words who. Let's see what your theory is before. Explain why it's wrong. Agnes is behind this whole thing. She's manipulating the because all right. Let's all right rear ever reasons. Remember relying on comic books. They liked to our house. I'm using no calling folks. I'm using only what i've seen on this show again. I don't know who agnes is if it's agatha or someone else but it all comes out of one vision this episode said. Oh yeah agatha agnes seems to always turn up the push the plot forward which she does all the way back from episode one when she brought the dinner for visions boss who almost choked to death on. It was agnes testing now. Want to see her control with complete the see if she would just let someone die in front of her. I don't know at night. I it gets better. It gets better. Okay okay keep it look. Everyone has a theory. Now at the so too i i mean i don't know if the If the talent show was a test or something. I don't know but i mean look at these neighbors. The neighbors come and go agnes. The best friend is always the constant out of all those people more than the next door neighbor that is of honor in the in the hierarchy of us economy a- and we never see the husbands. I've never seen routes no. It doesn't hurt doesn't herb next. But we don't see him every episode. Herb does live next door now. Which is interesting. I don't think he did originally. But agnes all no matter what changes occurred. She's always the next door neighbor issues. She is Not denying that see. Here's the thing and it's the same thing when people wanna say wanders in charge. I don't think one is in charge. I don't think this is exactly. That's what i'm saying you say. Don't rely on the comic books. I think they're cat. The raiders are counting on the people. Who are the comics. Say oh well. She's flipped out in the connex. That's what happen here no. I think they're using that as a big red herring yet. See my my my take on. It is that agnes is aware agnes is. Here's a area. Hey wait wait wait wait let me know and let's keep going. Reo got more. Get more the so you got to keep on going. Let let me criticize until you until you're done. Episode three agnes is hanging out outside the whole time. When monica is getting closed the wanda she the want did she have won the thrower out. I don't know Episode four point one episode for Oh they identified. All those towns people except for agnes. They do not know who she is. Identify everyone else. I don't daddy either. But that's okay. I don't know but our Much her since episode to have we know we haven't aright although what was daddy's line in that how does a housewife get a blood out of Out of linen. She does it herself. I guess i'll have to do it myself in this episode. Spoilers kids agatha agnes out outfits the whole plot or just part of it once those kids and she wants aged up to the first age up in this episode is when agnes comes over and they are then to attempt another age up by. Oh does puppy come from look agnes showed up right as the puppy shows up with a We know with a with a little dog house or whatever it was and then who finds the dog when it's when it's supposedly accidentally dies. Agnes because she wanted to upset those kids sue. They aged up again. Because we want to even says. Don't you ate up again okay. I mean that's fair and when they send the dronut in and remember not you know. Hey you know you know. Take the shots. Were to assume one that takes out that drone but always the eyes light up. We never see her physically take out that drone who said it was her. We actually do physically secret. Take the drone out of the what we see her dragging. If that's her nuts we see her dragging it out but we don't see her a lot of infant this of us. It's okay are in the big one vision start wall to once. Vision starts seeing through the whole thing want. We don't see one. The glowing is reclaiming hands. But then that miss mysterious person. Well we know who it is boilers at horse shows up at the end on one december. She didn't do it and vision You know unlocked by guys memory at the office. He says interesting. The guy the guy says you know it hurt. She's in my head. He never says wanda he says she. Okay then that could also be daddy who does seem to control the town as well for the children through it in fat. So here's where it gets. Interestingly complex so let us say. Here's the thing about agnes maybe Agnes knows what's going on but also and again the beginning of this episode you know as opposed to like she's afraid i think she's playing along with one thing. The heap keeper happy. So she you know so whether she's.

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