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Cannot do this in our own strength. it's too hard. I remember chris coming home from work. When i had three preschoolers that still i. I really didn't feel until the oldest was h six. That i had anyone could understand what i was going through her. How hard situations could be like toddlers throwing it tantrum. I actually remember the first day that my oldest son's is locked with mine. And i thought he understands how hard this is And that was revolutionary. Have one person who understands how hard this is right now. But it's so hard in where it was. I going with that i told christie. He walked in and said this isn't fair. I said no. You don't understand you're working with people that reason these people. I work with have no reasoning reason. There is no reasoning here but it takes the grace of god. We're doing one of the most important jobs. And i feel like the enemy knows the this drink of the kingdom of god is in the family if he can break down the moms. Have them feel defeated and overwhelmed. Then he's one. He's one because we're not training up the next generation. We have the most important job. And we have to be spiritually equipped. And whatever it takes if it takes putting on blinders and the laundry sitting over there. The first things have to come first and that's one of them is however we can get into the word of god even if we've got a newborn where completely overwhelmed. We've got toddlers things like that. Having the praise music playing having just one verse that you cling to that. It's written on a chalkboard that you say over and over and over in a day we have to have it in jill briscoe. Todd love our climbing into her childrens play. Pin minutes day she would sit. She said my the children's playpen sat in the middle of the muddle and for fifteen minutes a day. I would take my cup of tea. And my bible. And i would sit in. Take the kids out and put myself in and read my bible and pray And she said later. She asked her kids like. I was amazed now that i look back. I'm amazed that you left me alone. You let me do that like yeah. We're running amok. But really. I had that time in in her son said mom. We realized you were a whole lot nicer when you got out then when you went in. Wow so that says a lot about us taking the time realizing this is most important that i love the the the picture the jar and then that putting the mo the biggest rocks in first and then how all the little pebbles.

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