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It may be pro football's version of the greatest story ever toll and it's epilogue we'll be written in canton ohio with his pro football hall of fame profile i've scot graeme for kurt warner the pant the football immortality was hardly straight it ran through a grocery store stocking shelter fight that the an hour to the arena lee and a season in nfl europe as an amsterdam apple but through it'll warner's character and talent shone through and my drink green was injured in the 1999 preseason st louis rams head coach dick romeo turn to we made the decision to go with it because i believe we could play well along with it i did though we would play extreme it will because you find that out by give the ugh to say he ran with that opportunities a gross understatement one or two for more than forty three hundred yards and forty one touchdowns in an mvp season leading the greatest show on turf to a super bowl thirty four title up half hi i advocate plan warner was the mvp again in two thousand one and later led the arizona cardinals to the franchise his first appearance in the super bowl it was a source of great pride for kurt the thing that i want to define mike who will more than anything else was the fact that i got a chance and was able to help to organizations kind changed their strikes his twelve year career included three super bowl appearances four proposals and a walter payton man of the year award for a player who gave back as much or more than he received along the way there will be no one else that ever has niger and i am extremely proud of that even though i could never imagine that one day i would be in this class in this group with his pro football hall of fame profile i'm scott graham westwood once news americans are stuck especially lower income rural americans they're stuck where they live now even if they wanna move and should move to better themselves a wall street journal analysis shows overall mobility once the hallmark of american life is at the lowest level since just after world war 2 among the biggest reason cited housing.

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