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There you go. Senator Daniel gaffer from Arkansas. As simple media laughs. If you could hear it here in the background, the laughter guys in the studio, did you pick up on the elector the assembled media at the advocate center after that pick first team is that something you could hear that went out on an one thousand first team all a CBC SEC player, the Senator from Arkansas top five in the SEC part of that, all defensive team Daniel gaffer the center that definitely has hops part of the mix of the two thousand eighteen nineteen all defensive team from the SEC interesting selection, because I'm not sure if many of us really thought that that would be a need. Another center is the board and all. Yeah. So he he's a very mobile abound. See Sarah was solid length. He can play of the rim with ease. He's a threat of article spacer good offensive, rebound or soft hands overall touch protects the rim. With wind fully engage. He posted three point eight blocks per forty minutes as a freshman flashes of defensive energy. He needs to improve on his motor. Which fluctuates his defensive fundamentals and he's limited, mostly on finishing on offense of rebounding, and he's not a reliable playmaker. That is Daniel Gifford. The six eleven two hundred thirty eight pound Senator from Arkansas, long fluid and bouncy big man. And he'd from Eldorado Arkansas, it is, Daniel gaffer and looking at some of these moxie fun me. He was supposed to be selected in this area in high second mid second. So he was someone that was supposed to be in this draft. ESPN had him ranked as the forty first best player on the board coming into tonight. And he goes at thirty eight he was the best. He was the seventh best center rate on ESPN dot coms boy coming into tonight. It's fine. See an NBA comprehend his bird was Anderson. Okay, but here's the thing you have bigs. Don't you? Yeah. If you have you've Bill Carter junior, you have lower remarketing. You're not going to bring back Robin Lopez. I assume so this is the role that he will take. But he'll have to play as a rookie which you know as a defensive big as a rookie. It's tough to acclimate yourself to the NBA game to be a successful rookie defensive big. You know what I'm saying? Like like that's a big role for a player to come into the step into it will be interesting, how that kind of fits I thought they could have gone for more shooting clearly, they have enough. All right. We'll take a break when we come back. We'll have more on this pick for the Chicago Bulls. And we'll look ahead to the press conferences for John Paxson,.

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