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Was flown here seven hundred WLW he'll tell you and whether we get impeachment we got Superbowl got lots going on here including this story I want to start with this this morning I don't know why this is but I guess I have a in clings to what the cases as we've talked about in the past and that is the number of pedestrian accidents growing and it's a huge problem handling county you talk about a lot of things in one county but the fact that so many people get hit by cars cars hitting people you may recall about a year and a half ago fifteen year old girl like Gaby Rodriguez says her name and she was crossing here's an Avenue and she got him killed still here it is a year and a half later can't find not only the driver but still can't locate the vehicle and it's about a cold cases you can get in this is been true in a number of pedestrian car accidents and so Cincinnati police has been tasked with coming up with a plan in order to try and make these numbers go down Joe deters has that in front of him the recommendation from C. PD so let me bring any cute hearing centers dot com hot line with an approved Bruce Hough power over it D. three good morning lieutenant how are you slowly I'm good I'm good at it you know this is kind of a maddening thing and we live in a crowded Metropol merry obviously you guys are recommending to the prosecutor's office and Joe deters that a felony charge of aggravated vehicular homicide is appropriate for a case like this how did you come to that the the the I once a solution to this thing but is increasing the penalty for the seriousness of a hit and run involving a pedestrian enough to cause people to stop and talk to the police and and all right to what happened there will be the best actions are terrible I mean most of the time not all the time this is gonna be the loser and when these motor vehicle involved in the accident they have the ability to stop in many times it's not their fault the card all they need to still stop there and then we show up and and and and be the best to just go from there the what happens people get afraid they get here we've seen but they were just there being they would probably find out that he could involve a ticket for a penalty not step in the our investigation completed but when you leave the scene you conduct the complicated and it makes it go on forever never what this pedal can be so severe only to realize state the scene providing information and what not that is the product I know there's some cases lieutenant to where your drive and I I think it may happen and chlorine if years ago but but it does happen it's dark it's night time people are crossing streets Jay walking may be in in you know you just don't see that person there's been times and I've had all of that you know a good least a handful of near misses I think in my life drive around that we all have or somebody's out at night wearing dark clothing and they're walking against traffic and you know by the grace of god I had a close call yeah right before the holidays and somebody over written for to kings island you know there's slight something looking at lights and you look over the somebody walking in dark clothes along the side of the road where there's no no shoulder and you know the corner my son thank god I did because week I I could I'm involved in a fatal or it just makes it here in America my neck stand up but you know you to stop in okay talk to police are there times where someone may hit something in Ghana and might have been an animal squirrels and not know that they actually had a person then later here about on the news and go holy crap I think I may have a person what what happens then well yeah that can't happen but even if you're driving down the road when he struck something you weren't sure what was the topic was an animal or not still to stop and you still need to investigate that the onus is on the driver the motor vehicle to stop and make sure that it was not a person for her work in animal into the animal injured that you need to call the SPCA you need to no worries it's a good lord almighty stayed Bruce it's saying it's not the corona viruses it I don't know I don't know I've been to China okay well yeah currently it's can't well I don't know what you could have damage to your car so you really do need to stop in and make sure that everything came not someone that was here okay that's good now to most people and I didn't know that I was like well maybe was road debris or something like that but right yeah a in and god forbid that happens any of us to but people fully how typically the the I guess the close case numbers on this one the percentage how many these things go on software to a car hitting a pedestrian a large portion I don't have the exact percent but a large portion to go on talk because there's no physical evidence their car leaves there's no witnesses and most of the times it's a fatality you know no one can tell and so a large portion of the bill and salt do you remember a lot of the times that the accident was caused by actions of the tester and so we need to make sure that the pedestrian and the voters are good neighbors in assuring the roadway and understand that if something does happen just really need to stop it what you witness it if you see something tell police yeah that's going to help us solve the case in in that makes sense lieutenant Bruce off power from CPT district three of the show this morning and CPT is rolling out earlier this year encouraging prosecutor Joe deters come a new policy because we just had so many darn pedestrian car accidents and most them as lieutenant says have been hit skip some people aren't hang around for these things they want to make it a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide what is it Kerry by the way what's the penalty for that you're definitely the only so you could definitely do up to your in jail and because the message really get out there that but sure the road equally you must be a good neighbor and and hopefully that penalty scare some folks and realize that a lot of times it's not the fault of the driver they do stay on making a whole lot easier I'm looking at some numbers from the from the of the pedestrian safety coalition of people that studies numbers in in handling county it's like eight of eleven pedestrian fatalities last year were because the fault of the actual the pedestrian and in the city itself in Cincinnati you are it's about seventy percent so they're about the same as a county or the city and I love that go well for both of these are the fault of a a pedestrian because they're young there may be walking in traffic or they're wearing dark clothes at night I've seen that number of times two it's the craziest I don't know why you would do that but people do it it the same time of the both of these are the wrong majority then lieutenant are the fault of the Jay Walker why would we go after the driver I get the feeling I get the leaving the scene that accurate but seems like we should be going after the desperate Martian one well you know there's three things that we like to push up her body at the education the answer in the roadway and force the force and there's not only to the motor vehicle but to the pedestrians and so yeah there should be some consequences to the pedestrian actions the call these questions but the back to my original point when you're involved in an accident and it is a pedestrian a car two cars you have you have to stop because the law required you to stop and provide information so that we can do their job and if you don't do that I was going to be a big problem with it by car and if the pedestrian fault and course the the production could be cited for calling crash what you believe what you believe and it's not the fault of the driver you just made a huge problem for yourself you complicated the court system and you're gonna find yourself possibly jail yeah I I got you that makes a lot of sense you're too Hey one of things I thought of two in the climate in which we now live lieutenant Bruce off bar that is this it if you said okay well seventy percent of pedestrians are causing these accidents and clearly it has to do with what maybe not looking before you cross the street not going across we unfortunately had someone hit the other night that was walking across couple hours over the winter hit in a crosswalk which is horrible in but but you have a lot of people Jay walking you know I drive downtown or I'm not over to your side of town all that much but yeah you people cross the middle street not look both ways and that the car has to stop for them not paying attention whatsoever if you started cracking down on Jay walkers when we have a problem in the county then or in the city of specifically with the issue of profiling and that now you're picking on people and try to get them a ticket and I you're sweating people and you know you're because across the middle the street and it has nothing to do with that it has to do is stop the pedestrian fatalities but I could see someone make a case and say well you guys are just profiling how would you answer that yeah you can see that the people could think that you're taking on the pedestrians and and it really isn't that big of a deal UPS cross the street against the light like give me a ticket but then when I got to go back to this point that the pedestrians have a right to be on the road with just the cars however the dentures cannot leave a point of safety and just walk in the roadway crosswalks are available you're supposed to use them if I'm not available then you have to yield to the car that legally upon the roadway what happened did you see it downtown Cincinnati a lot people to start out in the road thinking cars going to stop and they can't and they are unable to and that's what caused the accident so yeah you can say that folks might think you're picking on start writing some certificates for RG walking you know you have better things to do to get bigger crimes to go to but when these things happen and if it happens to a friend or a loved one the cry is police were are you why weren't you outside the need to protest so you know we got to become a delegate how you handle it I think education in Portsmouth engineering all go hand in hand and up to something really difficult to do that public you pay attention and if you get up in the roadway and hit by a car you you're probably going to lose yeah and.

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