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It gets better cookie lovers are sharing their joy on social media over brand. New Oreo most stuff they have triple the filling of a regular Oreo. They're also more than double the forty five calories. One most adds up to one hundred ten calories. The price is three bucks a box. The milk is on you. Deborah rodriguez. CBS news should ease given approval to a new plan for yet. Another sky high observation deck the center near millennium park is eighty three stories fi alongside of it will be a two hundred million dollar glass elevator and an observatory at the top the view include the park in the beam, plus the entire effective right in that class elevator giving you a unique look at the city the rise gonna cost twenty five dollars construction begins in June. Chicago, of course, already has famous observation decks at the Willis tower. And also at the building used to be known as the John Hancock center. Burner. Newsradio one point nine FM. Mark mothers ball of the Bandido is writing the music for a musical based on the Nick Hornby novel slam. It's about a seventeen year old boy who finds refuge in skateboarding and imagined conversations with skating. Great Tony hawk hawk will create the skate choreography choreography. Broadway dot com reports the writer of SpongeBob squarepants, the musical will doubt this story. Producer to stage it within two years. A sentence. Men had it out in a death with a tie to Hollywood the boyfriend of Morgan Freeman's late granddaughter has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for her death. Lamar Davenport was handed down that sentence at a New York court for fatally stabbing Edina Hines twenty five times outside her apartment in two thousand fifteen during the sentencing Davenport's family yelled out in court that it was Freemen's fault alleging he sexually abused his granddaughter when she was a child Davenport was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter and waved a jury trial. The Lisa he was in a PCP induced rage when he killed her on the street in front of people passing by Matt wiper CBS news. Sixty seconds. WBZ news time seven forty four..

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