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Hyphenated. Now what does that Urban fiction anyway? Here's a great change right rest in peace. And that's all for him but the foods here how that's right you understand. It's appropriate blessings. A by the way different different guy. Well should have stopped. Mike Kaplan follow online twitter and Instagram M. Y. Q. Kaplan the website is Mike Kaplan dot com. His podcast is Broccoli and coconut cream. Now hold on. That's not exactly the name. It's all metaphor download Broccoli and ice cream. I've on their. You're nice. I'm on there. What did he. What did you think was easier the interviews me or Keith? You Guys I love you. I love you both differently. All everyone wants their own You got I mean by the way when you interviewed her ex husband I mean. Hey they're all adults I I don't know the story I don't so I don't have all the information maybe ended up great. You don't know you know if you don't sit down with somebody behind somebody's back. I mean these are all great questions. What is your kids address again? I do because I like both Broccoli. And Paul Hooper twitter and instagram. Paul the twitter is Paul Hooper. The instagram with the thirst traps. And I do mean it. This kind of shows balls Dick Everything. Would you put your Dick on instagram under? Yeah awesome that would be fun. The website is Paul Hooper. Comedy DOT COM is hiking. Podcast.

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