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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly a memorial service is being held this afternoon in Minnesota for George Floyd the man killed while in police custody in Minneapolis and whose death has sparked nationwide protests against police brutality Matt sepic with Minnesota public radio says the Reverend al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy Sharpton says he'll outline plans to turn the tragic moment of Floyd's death into a movement for police accountability Sharpton is praising Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison who filed an additional charge of second degree murder against former Minneapolis policeman Derek Sharman who seen on video pressing his neat into Floyd's neck George Floyd mattered he was loved his life had value and we will seek justice for him and we will find it Ellison also charge the three other officers who were at the scene with aiding and abetting murder saying they did nothing to help Floyd wart to reduce the amount of force that shopping used for NPR news I'm Matt sepic in Minneapolis police in New York City say an NYPD officer who was stabbed in the neck late last night was ambushed by a suspect who walked up from behind without provocation two officers who responded were wounded by gunfire amid a struggle with the suspect who was then shot multiple times the three officers are expected to recover the attacker is hospitalized this is NPR news you're listening to KCRW on cherry Glazer thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of downtown Los Angeles last night outside city hall in grand park many chanted as police helicopters hovered overhead KCRW's Benjamin Gottlieb says the LAPD and National Guard were noticeably more hands off last night than in previous protests he filed this report just before the county's curfew went into effect at nine PM there was an organized elements of the protest that led a big group of protesters demonstrators over from the hall of justice the protests county DA Jackie Lacey and her handling of cases involving police and deputies that I've been involved with black men and women that have died after involved shootings readings in the light they're calling on Jackie Lacey to resign or a to make significant changes in the way he runs the DA's office prosecutes police I also went ahead and spoke with some of the protesters today among them a German name Anthony Clark.

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