Ogle Tree, Qian, Jones discussed on The College Draft with Ross Tucker - RTCD #97: 2013 Draft Recap


As moving along we'll get to the next five twenty six the packers took the tone jones the lima ucla twenty seven the houston texans took the andrei hopkins that's obviously been a slam drunk slam not slam drunk slam dunk try on slammed drunk by saying slammed drunk 28 the broncos took de lyon silvester williams twenty nine the value gangs took cordero patterson thirty the st louis rams took alec ogle tree obviously i guess to one standout positively their friend would be de'andre hopkins in houston in ogle tree with the rams yeah absolutely and your data johns was moved around the lot they they weren't sure what position they wanted to play him up in green bay if he was a tackle he was named fused outside linebacker he did that at times in their three four slight williams turned to a nice player inside for denver uh kordell patterson has gone from minnesota but hopkins is turned into an excellent player obviously down there in houston in one of the best younger series in the league and ogle tree has really come into his all there were a lot of questions with local tree in terms of his built ability to qian diagnosed and see things quickly upfront physical free any just his explosiveness his ability to play sidelined sideline how physically was downhill i loved watching oval tree on tape when he was a for just on open now seeing how he's developed has been really good to see as well.

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