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I know who you are. Curtis. Go ahead. I entered do well, Curtis. I introduced you out. Why would not know why would I know who you are? Now this is there. Yes, When you say it's time, raise the greatest quarterback of his error, there's no debate. When the media say that he's the greatest comeback of all time. That lying? He's probably the fourth best for better walk that. Well, you're from Cleveland. You're gonna tell me about auto grandma tree. Well, he's a quarterback. You allergic to straight championships and went seven green. So the answer is the answer is yes, Curtis, right? Yeah. So here's a guy do 20 years trying to get a seven Marines and other ground has seven reason. 10 years. I have to go. Yeah, but if you say he's great, and I know they change neighbor, never chances to bull. But if you're talking about the goal But the whole of Spain the holograms backyard. You can't know how would he play of the game? He has to go. And I must say that bar star the Green Bay Packers, who went to five straight tension now last, who was called Super Bowl, but he wants five straight cabbages. The second. No, my channel. 14 Easter's Tom Bree is the fourth best for backers. Let's let's let's roll back to the first guy from from where you're at, and let's talk about Otto Graham. Listen. The forties and fifties. It wasn't even considered or called the NFL. How many teams were there? Even 10 teams playing They were in if he was a three time NFL. I don't know what I didn't ask you that Curtis stop. Curtis, stop. I didn't ask. You allow extra stuff. How many teams were even active? We're playing that. I'd venture to say probably no more than eight. I'm just saying it took term break 20 years to get seven Marines and we took all the ground 79 and I will talk on the way in the back yard. Yes, and I've heard you, but I would venture to tell you That all things considered, and it is difficult as we know to compare errors. It is There are more teams, it's more competitive. It's not as easy this so many other factors that that that just go into it, which make what he's done. Find difficult. You can also say and thank you. Curtis for calling from Cleveland. You can also take the approach of As tear along one, said last week. Star along with was right here, he said. You know, all things considered. You look at the error that Tom Brady is playing in doesn't even get touched. Being. He stands back there. He has the ability to throw. He's healthy. He gets the job done. You breathe on the quarterback, and you know it's a penalty boom. Legitimate. Earlier on in the show. We spoke to three time Super Bowl winner Mark Schlereth. Now current analyst He says, the opposite. He says, Yeah, I am impressed by what Tom Brady does at his age. I mean, I feel closer to what Schlereth said as opposed to Teal, but there's this truth and what turn alone said. So you can look Ara to error and just say Oh, well in this era. Oh, yeah, He went toe 10, straight and 17 and 10 years Yeah, for his space. Or you can look at Tom Brady and say all what Well, Tom Brady is doing is it's so much more difficult. Would lead towards that. Wasn't alive. I didn't see auto gram go toe to 10 straight championships and and walk away with seven. I didn't see that. But I could look at what's going on right now and say Oh, well, I guess I can give you some reasons why I think is more difficult. The parody of the league, the amount of teams Obviously, if I'm going from 32 down the eight What are my odds looking like I want to talk about money free agency. There's there's so many issues which make it different. Various calling up from mobile matter fact, Ben he's calling from California. Ben, you want CBS Sports radio? Hey, John, How are you? Good evening. Terrific Bang. Go ahead. Good. So I'm a big 40 Niner fan. So this topic is As you can well, understand it. It's hard topic for me to accept that Brady may be the best quarterback ever, but to put things into perspective here. Brady has played 43 playoff games. That's almost three entire seasons. In addition to your regular 17th season. The game, okay? So I mean, to put things into perspective he's played. Three additional seasons than your average Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville. Jaguars or your Houston Texans. He has personally been more successful than many franchises. Yes, So that I mean, all I'm saying, is it Z in additional three season that he's played that? Some other players have not even Then in the playoffs. No, it's true. And I give you I give you one up, Ben. Thank you for calling California I give you another one. Mentioned this earlier. How about Tom Brady as an individual on his ledger his personal career? He's won 263 games. The Buccaneers as a franchise. The team that got started in 1976. They have 1 287 games Brady to 63. The Buccaneers franchise. To 87. This is a man he's going for his seventh Super Bowl..

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