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I got a couple of shout outs Can I do that. Can I do shouts. Just you know that aren't ads. But they are you know I want to thank the people at Chewy DOT COM chewy dot com sells pet stuff. If they sell the pet food pet toys everything pat but they say it's like the Amazon pet stuff chewy and I've been buying my kafue who they're my litter and the folks over. There sent me a nice little gift package over Christmas and neglected to any. I didn't want I don't know I I don't know what to do. I know that some people want me do A. Hey Man post show this like this do this but like I think it was. I think it was just a nice gesture and I didn't acknowledge it. So thank you people what you eat. Now let me ask you a question of business. Question can exchange some Kafue that my cats no longer eat for food that they do eat. You know I'll just look on the website you don't have to you don't have to to answer that also park men woodworks just made me a beautiful table. Apartment woodworks at woodworks. Instagram made me a fucking stunning table out back now. I gotta get a grill. Do you guys know what girls to get. I'm not a big grill guy but I'd like and I'm not I don't I don't plan on devolving into a big grow guy but I'm a pretty good cook and I've never really had an easy grill to just go out and grill with you know I used to have like The Webber Labra little one the little semi circle one whether they call it. You know the little one Basically is about the size of sweetly large walk and he just cook on the ground. But I think I'm stepping up. I'd like to get a grill. That's more accessible. That's a better. That's maybe propane or would pal it and I'd like to Just have it so I can cook on it without even thinking twice about it so it's not an ordeal and I like it to be big enough to where I can entertain people for a couple of reasons not just because I want a grill grill outside but I you know gets really hot in the kitchen. If it's hot outside so be nice to have that option. Whatever the fuck I'm talking about all I'm saying is not I'm not going to become some sort of grill? Broke WPRO or pit master. Just want nice propane grow for the back and if anyone's got any anything they want to tell me about grills tell me all right. Just Tell L. me you can you can tweet at me or you can email me at What is WTO pottage email dot com? Now look this was actually a a good note and I and I think that I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa try this time because I talk about me tour dates but I've been putting the date I which is logically dumb because if you're listening in your car or wherever and I say the date a lot of times who's going to register a date and then I say the name of the city after and you go that's me. What do you say about the date? So this guy suggests that I switch them and it's fucking genius. Why would I do it? Otherwise anyways Cleveland Ohio at the Agora Theater January thirtieth. That's a Thursday I'll be in Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street Church on Friday January..

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