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Also plenty of them for fear it could an isolated migrelief force three two two the scoring in this one niagara got the first one eric coolly his fourth of the season came at eight on six thirty four seconds later the falcons tied the game eric baskin sixth of the season came from his linemates led third and hemley kenner loves this the number to score in atlantic hockey got his eleven th of the season at eleven fifty five in the niko kovac just at fourteen oon in the purple eagles were up three to one at that point jordan hemley cut to the scored a three two two he scored from pill boji at seventeen 53 17 shots on goal for air force ten per niagara remember two weeks ago airports had 18 shots in the entire game against alrighty they got seventeen in the period tonight no penalties were called in that first period the goaltenders billy christopolous made seven saves for airports brian wilson the freshman for niagara he had fifteen saves in on the face dot it was dead even we said that would be a good battle qaeda bitter faceoff teams in the nation doing battle it was get even each team won twelve draws for air force their top faceoff banned great to have back in light of tighter led for one five draws in the first period ready to go to start period number two it's down and we are underway with a second period here and right off the draw falcons going to be called for icing the pact referees tonight chase mickey john shaw the linesman are michael tracy ac and steven stankevich and they're gonna move the face off here to the air force side of the ice down below billy christopolous get set watches the face off in front of him far circle three to purple eagles five seconds into the second no penalties in that first period and air force winds the dried hanley trying to.

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