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O'Leary in for Kensi Know Vega. This is the takeaway, and now it's your turn to weigh in. We've been talking about the covert vaccine and what it means for kids and how you're thinking about it in relation to your Children. This is Suzanna and take in South Carolina. And I'm planning to get my kids vaccinated because they want to go to camp this summer, and I'll feel a lot better about sending them. If they're vaccinated. Hi. My name is Heidi Williams and I live in Hillsboro, Oregon. I will absolutely vacating my two Children vaccinated. As soon as it's available to us because I believe in science. Our Children have always been vaccinated. I see no reason why we should not continue. There's you know, really know controversy around the vaccine, except for things that have been Drum up with, you know politics in mind. Let's send our kids out there with every opportunity they have, and I think the opportunity to resist a deadly virus is a no brainer. This'll is loose in northern Wisconsin as a former medical professional eye. I believe in science, and I will wait until proper time. That would have been given for a proper trial for these vaccinations, and I'm kind of surprised at the medical professionals who are going ahead and getting The vaccines. I understand the fear behind it, but also respect the science behind a proper trial. James calling from Dover, Ohio, would I get my Children vaccinated for covert 19? Absolutely not. I don't want my Children being test subjects for a vaccine that we do not know the long term effects of Also one of my Children have already had a mild case of covert 19, and it didn't seem to affect her very much. Getting a vaccine that we know little about is not worth the risk of them actually getting covert 19. Thistles Ryan from Ogden, Utah, and we will be getting her Children vaccinated as soon as possible. Except for our 11 year old daughter who has type one diabetes. We will wait just a little longer to get her vaccinated just to see if there are any potential side effects. All right. This is David from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I am calling about getting my child vaccinated. She's 10 years old and I am very much looking forward the opportunities to get her vaccinated and she is, too, because she wants to be protected enough and be able to protect the rest of the family who are vaccinated. And she plays with other kids who are also not vaccinated, some of whose parents are not vaccinated. I have not been able to find a way to get her vaccinated. Yet. I hope they have that opportunity since I have. This is Caroline and Vancouver, Washington. And my answer is yes. I'm looking forward to getting both my nine and 13 year old vaccinated when they're eligible for a safe and reliable vaccine options. Until then, they are still remote learning and not participating in team sports. Process to grandchildren that need vaccinations. The 17 year old got back sitting on the first day of availability and we're anxiously awaiting the emergency use authorization for 12 to 15 year olds. Why is it taking the FDA so long? This is pat from San Jose. Thank you so much for the honesty. We appreciate you being a part of our show every day. If you want to talk with us, remember, you can call us at.

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