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We could another great one in the seasons i look forward to that i can't wait to see that so i know you're busy guy and we have a stock standard question that we ask everybody i definitely want ask it to you and i know it's hard with two kids and everything that you're doing but what do you like to do when you have a day off a day oh day off well i love to do the pump with a couple of nights much in football that's my favorite thing to do when i get a moment to ago of and if you mean wave from the family right not if i have a day over the family i love just a woken the puck or something without being out those yeah if it's an evening it's always the public my madge gonna watch manchester united unfortunately do a lotta the time now but in a yeah we i can i can kind of feel your pain for american football team is is not that great either so but she loved them because you love them and you support them no matter what so if i feel your pain so max i want to say thank you so much for joining us today it's been such a pleasure to speak with you to everyone you can follow max on twitter at mr max brown and don't forget to watch ease the royals sundays at ten nine central and well i think that's about all we can do for this review i mean i don't think he gets much better than that.

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