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That. I always like to get to save behind the scenes of these wholesome quiet kids like they do have personal. They are real people. They just not really outgoing, but. Sometimes it's not up to them to do that. Sometimes, not like face banks. They don't larger than life in really out there in one and make blogs, they don't like to three. The united not like cloud, nine nothing or anything like that to you know they really so it's up to. You is the overarching brand brands? Draw the out of to tell that story. By. Totally agree like a last year before t I nine in China the. Team Ojeda. Bull in Malaysia doing the BOOT camps and add session whereby ahead to eat the. Fruit Urine. Foot. And emit them like a show match at all you a face off in. It saw finding. Yeah hit. It stinks, is it tastes good never had one before. You should come to Malaysia. Yeah against fee. which why? We give me a free flooding more say you gotTa give you? Sh- bringing awarded Australia. Now. That sounds good to me. What's what's coming up next? We got to wrap this up soon. So what's coming up next in your willed? What are you working on right now? Yeah so recently we just made a big deal read I e Commerce Company, which is linked to Alibaba is called Lozada on e commerce platforms in Southeast Asia I. Can you sorry? Can you spell that out as well? Let's say you. Lozada as a as a de Lozada okay, always a big ECOMMERCE company title to Alibaba did deal with them. We're going to have merchandise on the platform as well and We got bunch of sponsorship SELENA UP which I'll make an announcement and a time. He's writing about I'll hit up diese. Yeah, saw definitely. Some stuff I in height, lane? So hope to Shambaugh Lincoln, let you know as Chris. Fantastic and wakened people fully, and you'll tame online. We can go through our youtube pitch. Type Yvonne EASTBOUND EV OS spots and on instagram yourself follow us, and also Lincoln thanks Chris for the up nine twelve. Thanks coming in and thanks, everyone who's tuning live today on twitch TV Dean what she can avoid back until the audio only podcast. We've got a lot more podcasts coming out very soon and if you're watching the Lincoln live, we've got plenty more coming this week and next including a an interesting WanNa pull together about a corona virus response, a few guys coming on I'm different regions in the world. Talk about how the coronavirus effect business and he plans. I had in place for a massive pandemic. Shoe to happen happened how they're struggling or how dealing with what's happening good and bad, and what they recovery prices seats, so trying to follow I. Guess Similar stuff talked content today, you know, let's talk about some solutions. Talk about the things that people can actually do not just about the numbers, not just better problems, but what do. And help each other out. Thanks for coming online thinks everyone fortunate. Thanks for inviting us. To show and I, believe he's doing a great job. Linking world waiting life and sharing about spots, you just a quick. Everyone in Yvonne Yvonne Wasco found S. we have fop steady net thirty, just announced rescinding. HOTMAN! Coltan! Fog steady under thirty so there's a big deal. Yeah that's awesome. That's awesome. All Right? Thanks so much. Thanks. Thanks Virginians podcast today Fisher notes relevant links and upcoming projects. You can check us out online at big as sports DOT JJ or follow us on. Social Media's at big sports underscore JJ..

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