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Episode of the preliminary round and as soon as we said previously on the ultimate spdr the set up this episode and they had a lord murphy and yell rose i there's gonna be some drama again and that's exactly what happens as we know eddie algorithm lord merkley hadn't been seen i all kind of skirted whose lauren murphy with permanent look after opponent a little bit insane kate down the road i know i'm match up with this person can we work on stop stop this piqued out immediately albert costa blake paid work everybody in this tournament fear for reason it won't be looking at the semifinal when you maybe you haven't even book your take get to the quarterfinals yet you have a fight coming up too in the preliminary round so any over stormed out a little bit and learn murky had our fight in he over a rate she lawsuit there was the biggest upset she was number three seed and she's out tournament the next day she didn't show up morning practiced emilia overripe you know you kind of old woke up rate you kinda you lost buck it up with good that he would come in and make yourself better but not everybody reacts like that but warned murky cooked the morning off an upcoming were everything collided the kind of had an argument warmer poooest like don't tell me what to be my coach but you know you're on the court ultra storm avatar an idiot elders kinda like you're on my name do what i say i'm the coach here and it all kind kinda collided lower murphy kinda went around the health turkey it could look i'm going to jump ship to wbt steamed the blue team i hope you guys have cooled back her q mutual cooled back and they're like hey do whatever that for you.

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