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Reopening from the pandemic lockdown way more active now, so like I should wear, it's probably East 10 fights tonight, and at last report, two of the people shot in that attack are in critical condition. And now to Mexico, where police investigators continued to find evidence in a series of suspected serial killings. Investigators digging under the house of a suspected serial killer on the outskirts of Mexico City say they have found over 3700 bone fragments so far, apparently belonging to 17 different victims. Prosecutors suggesting the discoveries may not be over. Since about a month ago. Crews have dug up floors of the house where the man lived there next going to dig up the soil beneath several of The rooms he rented out. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC News, a California teenager who fought off a bear and her cubs to protect your family dogs, is being honored for her bravery. 17 year old Hayley more an echo was presented with the tough award from Flashlight Company. Mag Lite in Ontario, California just so crazy. I didn't think that My actions would lead me to this point. Really, And it's really just an honor to even be here today. Mag Lite typically awards first responders. This is the first time the company has presented a civilian hero award. More evidence that this country is moving on from the covid pandemic. CBS is Lilia Luciano, reports that the NSA says it screened more than two million travelers at airports on Friday, and that's four times the number screened on that day a year ago. 142 million people in the U. S are now fully vaccinated cities with high vaccination rates like Chicago, a racing to reopen for the first time in over 450 days. Businesses can operate without covid 19 guidelines. More than 35,000 fans packed Wrigley Field to celebrate and still covid not over the covid death toll in this country nearing 600,000. There have been 33.4 million confirmed cases across the country since the beginning of the pandemic space tourism is here, but it's still more expensive than your average airline ticket. Oh, just a bit. CBS is Mark Strassmann Reports. $28 million is the winning bid to join Amazon founder Jeff Brazos on his rocket companies Inaugural flight next month space the final frontier in tourism. Private companies turning science fiction into reality because this is where you get strapped in billionaire Jared Isaac Hman chartered a SpaceX spaceship for three day orbit of Earth called inspiration for A crew of four will fly higher than the space station. They're all civilians. This is the first that significance. That's responsibility. Responsibility being the first That there will be a second and a 3rd and 1/4. Absolutely. You have to get this one right for all the other great missions to follow. Mark Strassmann. CBS NEWS Atlanta A cat burglar at work in a Beaverton, Oregon neighborhood. This cat burglar is a real cat as me is her name owner, Kate Film, It says the feline brought home masks and gloves and other items from a nearby park in neighbor's garage is leaving them on the porch. When she brings them. She comes back door and she yells like Wow, until I come and tell her she's done a good job. So she put up a sign that reads. My cat is a thief. Please take these items. If they are yours. The site of the sign stopped as me from her thefts for about a week. Steve Cave in CBS News 9 2072 degrees. In Boston. Will update the AccuWeather forecast with Brian Thompson check the roads with David stuff next. Are you looking for a podcast? That's nothing but a big chunk of the biggest news stories of the day while you're at work. We've been working on these stories. All news, no filler, just like it says it keeps me in the loop. Get in.

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