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Running the ball club on a day to day even from the dugout. Which is why we don't know the managers that's why we don't because you've got all these geniuses taking credit and being given credit for running the team. I think that's off happy anniversary. Ken griffey senior and ken griffey june on this day. Thirty one years ago the griffey's became the first and only father. Son duo hit back to back. Home runs in major league history. They were playing for seattle and in the top of the first. The each took kirk mccaskill out of the park. Senior was forty junior twenty another father son duo. Tim raines and tim raines. Junior played together on the orioles but never went back to back in hockey. The house famously played together. Forty mark and marty both in the houston aeros and the. What and the hartford whalers in the nhl there many fathers and sons who played the sport at the highest level. Just not at the same time. The manning's and football the curry's and basketball bobbing barry bonds in baseball. You know there's talk. That lebron james will stay in the nba until his son brawny. Conjoint him well. If that's on the lakers lebron james junior will be the youngest player there by forty years hockey and horse racing scene to have a glut more than the other sports sony. Let me just say this about ken. Griffey junior who many people say has the sweetest swing. Maybe ever in the history of baseball. He's on the shortlist right. He has the same swing on the golf. Course it's that's sweet. And he's that good there too unfair happy trails to clayton. Kershaw has absence from the mound. The thirty three year old hall of fame bound left-hander started for the dodgers last night for the first time since july. Third herschel went four and a third innings through fifty pitches against arizona. Gave up four hits one earned run struck out five. Walk one eight perfectly credible showing. The dodgers won their fourth straight game with the giants. Have one eight straight and lead the dodgers by two and a half tricia lined up for at least three more starts in the regular season. He gives the dodgers formidable for man. Starting rotation alongside. Max scherzer walker bueller. And julio reas the problem for the dodgers is if they don't catch giants they'll be consigned to the wildcard would only takes one hot pitcher a hitter to knock them out of the playoffs. Kershaw has got that great commercial where he talks about the curve ball and then you see him in nose clips though in that old fashioned hundred forty years of major league baseball curve ball tony.

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