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Going or that i'm pursuing that is something that i really believe in i will find something else to roll it like ride running a book like low seriously that stemmed from i have always loved journalism by the the like the thing that kicked my but in to like actually doing it was the fact that i had done warren's movie roles on apply and then for like a year a year and a half i didn't film i wasn't not for lack of auditioning i just nothing was really happening that i thought was wherei wanted to be headed sureandi thought on getting stircrazy 'cause i'm a very driven then andi'mlikeokayi've had enough a break now what can i do to fill my time as a wave of journalism select let's write a book and then the second that i got the book deal that ironically was when i booked these three things that are coming out backed back it was the pilot for the last take hoon which bled straight into the to the bone which then like two weeks later went to oaks ya and then weirdly enough now all three are coming out of the same ties with like one of those you're the world to saying okaywell you wanted a work now make it happen were you blighting during oh god yes for you the for me i like to juggle things or things at once yeah almost have trouble focusing on one totally you it it was it was an interesting thing because i my and my brain i thought great of got a book deal i'm going to be like carry bradshawi'm going to move to newyorksan an apartment in the winter andi'm gonna write my book and then booking all these things back to back i was told look you don't have to write the book you can push you deadlines at now there's something telling me that this is the right time and i don't wanna if not now when and so i ended up writing on a lot of the sets or a my trailer orrin different countries and that was.

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