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The Buck Sexton Show a analyst. Remember the sex? No. Gotta talk to you about the Nashville Cover up. This is great. This is great because we need to see more of this where it finally comes out that the people that are like, wear a mask, Social distance. You can't do this. You can't do that. That they're playing games behind the scenes. They're not listening to the science. They're making it up as they go along their frauds. I think it's important for people to see this to know this. The Corona virus cases on lower Broadway. This is a Nashville, Tennessee. This is the Fox affiliate there may have been so low At the mayor's office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret. E mails between the mayor's senior advisor and the health Department reveal in the A partial picture about what they reveal is disturbing. Discussion that involves low number of Corona Corona virus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and howto handle that, most disturbingly how to keep it from the public on June, 30th contact tracing was given a small view of Corona virus clusters. Construction and nursing homes were found to be causing problems of more than 1000 cases traced to each category, But bars and restaurants reported just 22 cases. Leslie Waller for the Health Department asked this is not going to publicly released right just for the mayor's office. Correct not for public consumption right senior advisor Benjamin Eagles. A month later, the health Department was asked point blank about the rumor. They're only 80 cases traced to bars and restaurants. Tennessee Lookout reporter Nate Row asked. The figure gave of more than 80 does lead to a natural question if there have been over 20,000 positive cases of covert, 19 Davidson and only 80 or so a trusted trace to restaurants and bars. Does that mean restaurants and bars aren't a very big problem, but it's about the science. It's about the numbers and the data. That's what they tell us. Turns out that now I see Cem Cem. Friends Mind Tommy Lauren's out in Nashville. I'm seeing people raise this that they believe that the mayor of Nashville may, in fact, have ah. May, in fact, have Change the status the covert status of his city so that his son could graduate have a graduation for his high school, And then they went back to a tighter status right after that, that was classic. This is like the City Council members. Who say that they don't want they want less police. They want to defund police, but they they want a happening. Los Angeles happen Other places to They want a private police detail as a city council member outside their home, 24 7 because, you know They're They're scared of how things were going in the city. But you you're not allowed to have a gun and you have less police presence. The mayor of Nashville is a Democrat. Obviously. He wants people to lock down and do all this stuff. But You want to hide information from them? That would suggest that they could. They could open restaurants and be just fine. They could do this, and it would be No big deal, so You know we're going to continue to see people. Play games like this for as long as they get away with it for it for as long as this Continues in this way. You know, friends. I really believe that it's time for just just widespread noncompliance. I thought it would come much sooner. I will say I've been surprised. And how much everyone's just going along with this and that and how much everyone's just acted like This is what needs be done right now. And no one. You know, they're finally some lawsuits. We should have been suing months ago. Dragged these people into court. Make them explain. That they think they have. Total total power. To do whatever they want because of this health emergency. So I I think that finally Oh, but it was an activist. But it was it was. It was a BLM activist. It wasn't just a random person who was berating the TheStreet or manager. I see this here. This is on the Anyway, I think that's very interesting, so we'll continue to follow. This is it plays out in cities across the country, and we'll have to watch how This unfolds in the in the in the weeks ahead. Because Friends. I'm just I I'm done with it. I can't handle it anymore. I don't know what to tell you. I think that We've gone way past the level that we should need for patients, especially when there's people out there who think that the best thing we could possibly do is to make this guy president play 11. In my state of Delaware. We have a $4 billion industry, chickens, chicken and chicken, poultry and all. What is all the all the manure? Quite Frankly, that is a consequence of Chickens and so is polluting the Chesapeake Bay where we found out We've invested a lot of money We find out you can politicize this and take out. Take out the methane. So you're in a position where you can use that fertilizer without the damage that was being done before the same way with horse manure and common whore and pig manure. It's and we can create. Thousands of jobs in rural America as a consequence of setting up the small industries within communities, and so that's the way you be able to continue. A farm without worrying about whether or not you're polluting and being in a position where you're able to make money by what you do in the transition as well as be able to grow more. Yeah. Joe Biden's idea to save American jobs or to save our our future is to create industries like the chicken and cow poop politicizing..

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