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Luke Luger WTP news The more anger and confrontation leads to yet another diverted flight and this time it happened on a nonstop from Reagan national to LAX last night Delta flight three 42 made an unscheduled start that Will Rogers world airport in Oklahoma City After it says an unruly passenger was removed by police there Oklahoma City police tell WTF 35 year old aerial Pennington What happened Heard here being let off the plane was booked on misdemeanor charges of this orderly conduct and public drunkenness and has since been released delta says it's applauding the quick action and professionalism of the flight's crew in the federal air Marshals on it That's small W TOP news Well a $15 an hour minimum wage has been given a thumbs up for people who work for the university system of Maryland In a statement today Chancellor Jay perman says quote the raise is the right thing to do for our employees and their families and for Maryland communities where our employers spend their money and support local businesses and jobs Berman says it's also good for the university system because if workers aren't paid a competitive wage they'll up and go somewhere else He says adjustments may also need to be made to the pay of workers who already make $15 an hour or more up next in money news Bamboo sauce makes the KFC menu I'm Jeff label Four 24 The NFL playoffs are almost here and FanDuel sports because giving you a $10 bonus when you place $20 in same game parlay bets Dave Preston here bet on a single gamer spread your bets out across multiple matchups as long as you bet 20 bucks in the same game parlays during the same week of NFL action you're getting a $10 bonus I'm not feeling Washington Sunday when they face Dallas but then again I did have them going 8 7 and two this year even better news This same game parlay bonuses live during weeks 13 14 and 15 so lock in some winners today and enjoy a $10 bonus on FanDuel New FanDuel sports books sign up using promo code press do to get 30 to one odds on either team to win in the browns versus Raven's rematch You.

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