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24/7 360 five listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO p.m. Good morning I'm Jenny glick And I'm John doeman Let's go write the special traffic here And now a special update from the traffic et cetera Here's what we do know on 95 in Virginia southbound traffic still being diverted off at the fairfax county Parkway all the northbound traffic at last check was still being taken off at the caramel church exit to avoid any of the portions of 95 in between those two exits so they can get the roadways cleared or mostly in the case of the southbound 95 traffic so they can get the vehicles off the roadway that have been stuck there for 15 plus hours since yesterday They're trying to get people off on all the interstates that they can the last one they were trying to get people off of was the Dale City exit so a lot of you that may still be stuck in that area relief may be coming soon trying to get you off onto the deal city portion now some things to keep in mind when you are being diverted or if you're trying to work your way around 95 We have a couple portions of route one that are closed a portion of 17 that is closed a portion a couple portions of root three actually and three O one in king George actually that are closed due to various icing conditions tractor trailer issues and crashes So you're going to need to give yourself some extra time for these workarounds I'm Rita Kessler Traffic Thanks Rita as we continue to follow that traffic disaster on I 95 in Virginia We've been reporting some people have been standing still in their cars for more than 20 hours now after.

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