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The world needs bridges have you ever thought about what it would be like not to have any tartu imagine a civilization without bridges because they're so essential for growth and development of human society but they're not just about a safe way across the river or an obstacle they shout about connective community they reveal something about creativity our ingenuity they even hinted our identity and when bridges fail or destroyed and conflict communities struggle development stagnates people suffer even today there are over one billion people living in poor rural communities around the world that do not have safe year round access to the things that you and i take the grunted education medical care access to markets which is why wonderful organizations like just prosperity bill bridges and this kind of place this is in rwanda and they make such a difference not only those lives immediately around the bridge but the impact of these bridges is huge and they re the spreads over the whole community far far away of course bridges are being around for an awful long time the oldest one's stone because it's a very durable material i you i love to look at the development of technology to learn about what people did with the materials and tools available to them at the time so.

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