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Maliki Allen Naturally I remember Khalid all mean played one season. How about the Bulls? After this. I did find some bulls articles that were bullish on their future. It's like man we got Pfizer and Crawford and we got Guidon Jake Vasco all in on. Well you mentioned the the idiotic bowls rebuild before it actually worked. They just did it for the wrong drafts. 'cause you think about it. The the in ninety nine they got the first pick out and brand two thousand they have the fourth pick in the seventh pick and then in two thousand one they flip brand for a top three pick and they had another top three picks so they ended up they had five top seven picks in a three year stretch though brand. They turned into one of those but Just really bad luck tab a fourth pick in a seventh pick in the same draft and not only gopher to but it's justifiable that you went over to it's like it's like you can have such than that. Yeah you actually. No-one should have no one. Should you know Yorick who played for The Spurs I always Kinda liked him. He came in the League. I think what he was. Twenty Four Marco. Whole couple of season ticket runs with him because he the first couple years. I the clippers tickets. He was pretty competent. I actually liked his game too. Yeah he put on some smaller guys as I would watch in the only thing I have left on this too is historically as you mentioned plenty of times and it's it's clearly thought out how horrible this is historically but I was going to look at it the teams that were drafting. Like when you look at the top six teams in this draft. How bad their starting lineups were. Yeah this the basketball is even close to being like we know. It's better now and the depth of stars and the exciting storylines and all this stuff but it's almost easy to forget like where the hell were these teams like. What were they doing the nets now that first year Martin didn't have kid it was Marbury and this actually isn't a terrible five but it Steph van Horn Kenyan Kendall Gill who was at that point on the way out Aaron Williams. It's just a role guy. Vancouver's team was SCHRIEF Abdul Rahim Bibi. Dickerson who's going to get her othello. Big Country The clippers had a twenty one year old. Odem Jeff mcginness Eric. Bykovsky although a candy and mcginnity was only played like nineteen minutes. A game the Bulls had Ron Mercer. Elk Brand or test but our test wasn't our test then now at all he's twelve game. Hoiberg. Bryce was getting fucking real minutes all year long. I mean the magic had T- McCoy at twenty one put up a twenty-seven eight five season but after him it was Daryl Armstrong Grant Hill played four games blowout law D- Brown Atlanta's lineup was Jason Terry coup coach. Seventeen Games matombo Jim Jackson and Lorenzen Wright these teams. Those are thirty guys that were playing the majority of the minutes for those six games or furloughs sixteenths. It was a talent soon and it loudly US. It lasted basically all the way till seven eight range. You can even see it if you go back and you read some of the trade value calms I did you. I'm just laying out. What the assets were in the moment and guys who are like eighteen or twenty or twenty four. It's nuts. You can't believe it. I think once we hit oh nine two thousand ten range I think things really really flipped. But you also had you know I've written about it a million times about the Too much too fast. Too Soon era from like ninety three ninety nine of all those young guys who just got too much money too fast and just didn't have the careers that they should add when you think about the two thousand season. This should have been the peak of Kenny Anderson and big dog Robinson and guys like that some of them made a Derrick Coleman. There are all these blue chip guys. That should have been in their absolute hate. And they just weren't so you're missing like probably nine to ten blue chippers. That should have been awesome and Vin Baker He's already starting to Peter Shawn Kemp's already basically played his way out of the League and you go on down the line. It's just like what happened but that's probably Start for another podcast but that was also to you. Remember the lockout in people being like. Are you guys kidding me like we started this podcast talked about guy staying in better shape? I would imagine I would give most players the benefit of the doubt of you know. Just make sure you're ready and there's GonNa be some disappointments. That was the big joke twenty years ago when a lot of these guys came back from the lockout they were never the same. Like shot camp physicals. Never the same person show after the lockout. And it's like well you just. You just didn't care but it's that's a great point though. I hadn't really thought of it that way. The too much too soon thing. I know you've written about it but it's just it's just a good reminder of you have these classes that are all supposed to replace each other but then you have this group of incredibly talented guys players. We kinda liked. And you're like what what the Hell's going on here and then you add in this class and I also noticed too when you go back and read some of the stuff how many GM's that were running some stuff and no one should really be blamed for anything after this kind of classes just went through but a lot of these guys never got jobs again. I mean billy NYC at the the Atlanta job when everyone in the world news taking Sheldon Williams Duke Five. And you're like what could you possibly that shook me for a month? I go back and watch more and more Sheldon Williams and I'm like how could anyone take this guy? V Like. There's no way this is real. And he took him fifth and there are some guys taken picks there that would never be given the job to run a franchise. The way they had twenty years ago will Just give me one movie recommendation. Before we go bombshell liked it oh interesting. Yeah the dude seriously. Shelley's they're on plan. Megan Kelly creepy good. How good that is and you know Margot Robbie you know like a change the channel. I didn't like it as much as you like behind the scenes. You always are away. You've always got out of the office so anything that has to do with like television being on the deal and I was. I was in it every day. Yeah home in the hallways you were above that seat in a field that I really liked the movie I called never rarely sometimes always which is not the most uplifting movie but I thought it was Exceptionally well done and kind of an important movie side recommend that one okay And then Ozark sees a win huge fan. I have Going backwards movie for you. Okay just quickly. I watched election with my daughter today. I fast forward. I knew there was a couple of things that I the remote ready. Just like to pause and then get through it but How old is she? She's fourteen she can handle. I don't want to be in the camera with urban stuff's happening but That movie's really fun rewire. There's certain scenes yes. There's a couple but I was on it. It was never an issue Early Alexander Payne Matthew Broderick had that FUN DRAMA. Run THERE FROM LATE NINETY S. He's in you can count on me the year later early early reese. Chris Klein being a doofus before we realized that was his only move Look at this actor. And he's not acting. This is just what he's like of but it's a really fun. Quirky Boo had seen. Wow we even did. I think a Rewatch ables ninety nine on and I wasn't on that one But I I just. I like the Alexander Payne movies. I've watched that. I watched the descendants and I'll watch sideways during the quarantine and and You know I'm not. I'm not breaking ground by saying that guy's really good but it was just fun to watch all three of those in ten days and see the progression I love sideways. Sideways is like one of my favorite movies. The last fifteen years so there you go. I saw I saw election in theater loved immediately. People thought I was a Weirdo. Because I was really on it and I think you're GonNa see this movie election movie election and a couple of girls. I mean you know. Twenty three twenty four. They're like that movie was kind of weird. Like do you not see. That's how simple it is and perfectly executed the whole deal this great like when the kid who's in the wheelchair gives the speech running for president. Vice President Yeah And it's perfectly like the way he says it and I'm like that's high school that's being in high school and the whole deal. And then yeah one of the other person like somebody else's giving a speech in like some pimple face red etiquette to eat me raw reeves in the background and then the guy playing the principles perfect. The you know the. We're not GONNA do that here. And the Principals. Perfect the whole thing. I love election and sideways is funny because I did not like it when I first saw. It was too young of too young to understand how heavy that movie is. It's it's I can watch sideways. Sideways is up there with with very few movies like watch because I just started up Shashank. I just was going through a want to see some scenes question for you. Tweeted about it. If read in the crew his lunch crew. There were close enough to Andy Defraigne to get him on roof tarring duty outside couple bottle of suds yet. Where was that crew when the sisters were beaten the hell out of them and we know what else is going on so like? I'm good for tarring but you guys can't help me out with these dudes. Well read says that I do believe those were the worst two years for Andy which is being repeatedly raped by the sisters which I think I would hope that were the worst two years but Yeah tarring happened after. I think this system has gotten kinda tired or ended that point but I think the friendships with those other guys. Kinda deepened. A little bit later. But they're still rigged as the they still rigged it he got picked. So there's a scene. It goes right from that to write to that. I so basically what I found is a problem. One of the greatest moves of our lifetime. So I'm just there's a lot of problems. I don't want to say that because I could see a movie now. It's one of one of my favorite movies ever but you could really if you're going to really start nitpicking..

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