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Job so give yourself that time every day for the opportunity to give yourself space now del i want to end on fire brother will you giving us a parting piece of guidance and then letting us know where we can view and then we'll say goodbye your first so i guess i'd say from my perspective watching a number of entrepreneurs sell their business entrepreneurship is not only a lot of fun but in my view it's the surest way to financial security you get to pay yourself more you can generate better returns on your own capital the tax code is is helpful era advantageous for this and if you do a well to will you sell your business and even if you decide not to start a business thinking like an entrepreneur as manage manager career and you think about yourself as selling your labor is a really important concept and that's what i try to bring home in in the book i published of which is called family anc using business principles to maximize your wealth and that you can find more about that uh obviously it amazon or family inc that's f ami l y inc dot com fire nation you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with you have been hanging out with d m and jld today so keep up the heat and of course head over to eofirecom and inches type dug in the search bar his show notes page will pop up with everything that we've been talking about today these are the best show notes in the biz timestamps links galore anz and swansea doug thank you for sharing your journey with fire nation today for that we salute you and we'll catch you on the flip side john thanks for having me on the show hey fire nation hope you enjoyed our chat with doug today and make sure you're checking out our free podcasting course so that you can create grow and monetize your podcast freepodcastcoursecom i will catch you there or i'll catch you on the flip side.

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