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Did you no not at all. I mean of her. Snl but now you guys seem like of kindred spirits. I don't know why. I just feel like you would know each other just smart. Well i'm really glad to know are now and i'm so thankful for her friendship and the the comedy gold. She bestowed on me and all of us. You know it's a moment that when there's not a day and i believe everybody in our casts would say that there was not a day that we took that for granted that entire experience every moment of the seven years that we were getting to make this show that we could come to the today show and uses the today show. As like part of our fictional world was crazy. awesome and Yeah there wasn't a day that went by that. Any of us took it for granted. We were so thankful that we were still on the air. I mean every year. We remember the day that we're either gonna get picked up or not picked up and all like you could feel the energy in the room on that day of filming when we knew it might be pronounced and every year. We were not sure whether we would get another season or not and we all really wanted more seasons and we luckily got seven of them and it was a golden time a great great time. You can tell in jena that you had studied a lot of people that you work with. Perhaps in your business and brought it all to that reform. What did you say about starlets. And the business with dan. I was not making any commentary. Like i told you. I have radical compassion for but there couldn't have been you know a grader. Character to thrive and get the chance to flourish in that particular style of comedy which i greatly enjoy doing. I mean you know. I could poke fun of myself a lot of the time and and others that i had experienced show..

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