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Am eastern j. A couple of days ago. It's as simple as this. James harden told the fans in houston. I've given you everything. I have love this city of giving you every last drop. Now he's looking to give every last drop to a new city or borough or however you wanna shake it. Harden is a net shake it. It's it's one of the biggest moves. I think the nba has had a very long time. And i've said it before talent wise talent wise. I'm not saying how it works. What kind of offensive scheme you put them. In talent wise. This is the best big three that delete has ever seen on the same team. Talent wise kyri and his ability to score kevin durant being two time finals. Mvp james harden being a multiple scoring champion them all being on the same team special and roads brought up a good point in our two. He said you know who's going to acquiesce. i think that's james harden. You put james harden on the ball now james harden is still going to score points because the way they play all. This is not james harden with russell westbrook. Who can't really shoot the ball over driver a guy who likes to finish at the rim. This is james harden with a guy like kyri that can catch and shoot that can also dance the ball attack that he can play off of. This is james harden with kevin durant. That doesn't need to dance with the ball that can catch term base. Make a move really quickly. He can play off of him or katie can score. I think the skill set of all these three together. Offensively is extremely complementary. It is but it'd be interesting to see if that the continuity could work. I understand that they played it. Okay see together meaning katie and hard and they worked out in the summertime together and they you know they know each other but you know how it goes jay. It was going to work with chris. Paul to a didn't and it was going to work with westbrook again in houston to didn't and now you think abou- james harden coming off the ball kyri coming off the ball and allowing. Jane's it'd be the facilitator even because he can't pass but what about those. I don't know four or five seconds down that now you gotta pass the ball and understand katie. The need to have the balls and he's a shoot a quick trigger. Boom has gone as well as kyrie as a basketball player. In the shooter yourself. I would think that you want the ball a lot. Sooner than the last few seconds on the clock key you should have worked out into. Didn't they were up three one. Two one against the golden state warriors if. Cpi three get hurt. I think they win that series. So that's a little bit of a caveat for me and i know you're going to say they're also not going to have because you know what i'm gonna say don't say you know what i'm gonna say we've been around each other for a pretty long time now. I feel like i would say. Sometimes all i'm saying is that i don't think you're gonna see the same style of offense that james harden was playing in houston where he takes nine thousand dribbles going to see a different offense and i think james harden just because we've seen him only play one way he's not a one trick pony no same harding camp. Play different ways right so now. Yeah you have to acquiesce like sometimes coverings it up. Sometimes james marines it up if kevin sometimes katie brings it up you find ways the play off each other. I actually think it makes the game a lot easier for all of them instead of just saying. Hey we're gonna play the way they played in houston and by the way. Do not sleep on the victor depot aspect of this trade. I don't know the nba like j. or our next guest but it's not gonna get any headlines because the headline deserves to be hard after everything that's happened this offseason in this regular season but the depot moved to me sneaky excellent addition. I dunno speaking of sleep. I know stephen. Acp he got stephen as world. We got first day. We got sportscenter with stephen and he joins us this morning. On the goodyear hotline. The number one opining sports. And it's great to have you here so first think i mean just laid out here your initial thoughts that this blockbuster trade sending james harden to the nets well I oughta businesses that first of all good morning everybody hates secondly i don't really i don't like the way he handled it but i understood exactly what he was doing. Because when you're under contract You clearly have to force your way out in a more cooperative. You appear to be the more lackadaisical they can act in getting you out of where you want to get out of. So i definitely understood way was coming from although i i would have preferred not do that. Having said all of that This is one of the prolific offensive scores. This game has ever seen you. Combine him with kevin durant to me. That's enough for you to be one of the top two teams in the eastern conference. You take that into account and take that to another level. The bottom line is is that i look at a guy like i look at a guy like connery irvine with all the narcissist going on with him. Shaw marks had to do this because you had to have a security blanket for kevin durant. It isn't just about keeping kevin durant once once. He has a player option after next season. It's about competing for championship right now. And not wasting away or year with this. Guy's greatness straight off of an achilles tear eighteen months out of action. He comes back on the court and in this first eight games. So he's averaging twenty nine a game on fifty four percent shooting and shooting three less shot. The game day tyree was shooting. This is what i'm talking about here. The level of greatness that this do has it is disposal so when i look at it from that perspective i certainly think that it was the right thing for sean marks to do not to mention the fact that i happened to notice silly was on the phone and philly was going to try to get him They couldn't let him get to philadelphia because if he got the philadelphia with him. Be doc rivers as coach with steph curry. I'll meet seth curry and and tobias harris still. Dan others philly would have been a favourite to come out of the east brooklyn. And then you really would have screwed over. Kevin durant so brooklyn had no choice. I think they did the right thing. And i did. I think as a result you can look at them as the favorites to come out of the east. Stephen eight The in from l. a. myself. I've seen talent symbol with the lakers. Throughout my life was the last time this type of talent was a symbol on a new york team Never.

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