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Just killed the Airways helping them. Do you ain't helping Muthu focus Craig this breath? Craig names, come on, man. You don't back back back in the day, the seven days doom. Then in home, and everyone knows Craig David's. Okay. David. Magneti very Rb singer. I'm not even I Greg MAG to whom I eat dog about. What was this big? It was like seven days or something. You was like this aren't be dude deigning that sounds familiar seven days. Seven days also familiar uh because my day and then on Tuesday. When. Yeah. You know what? Back in the day. But. Your own time ago. I never heard of that come on man, there's hard because he wouldn't Like like other other days days. J lo in like Jaru now on seven days is harder than that shifts. Fucking cool. Jay. But maybe who I gave it was when you had that all that shit was hard. No. That is. Farm crops. Very no UK rappers killing the US seen right now at all not at all. I agree. I mean, they're probably killing K. But I don't turn on the radio honest. I I would assume somehow somebody across my radar. Stint case, though. Okay. Then I say any darts. Not not really just looking forward to this getting back to the work. We begging Jim on that really must to cover tonight. Was why we had a little bit fun where? Yeah, man, they want to tell you about I'm gonna leave it alone to plays out. But everybody just keep on granted. Kim onto your day. We'll see you tomorrow at nine o'clock AM, two o'clock in the UK says o'clock in the west coast and not believe is like central in seven o'clock now. Downtown. Rosie was gonna killing me. It's like that. Eddie Hearn, Eddie Hearn's moment. I said Craig Davis Craig David correction, but look from. Saying is that was really cool. Appreciate.

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