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Healthier. You isaiah dairy. I'm taking you off my life insurance plan. You're done also far. That's two two people are right. Let's see who will pick up next bastards all of you ll. Apparently i have no friends or family. You can always count on you. They live from dade sore new york getting ready for a function that clearly laid serious. Jasmine jasmine were at the lounge. And you're the third person i called. And you're the only person that picked up jasmine impart. Some wisdom will first of all jones washing her mouth. Jasmine rinse your mouth daas. Five time. don't waste ten seconds of it so i was talking about the weekend. What do you got going on this weekend. Tell us quick. I have two his birthday parties to this weekend over and then after that tomorrow i have a cemetery visit because is my grandma's birthday is a strength out of late. Government housing. put through the ringer. How do you feel as a woman. They'll right now timing because a lot of shipping to do in order to make the pretty whereas all you to was i was i was talking about more about your strength giving everything that you've been through lately not yet privilege complaints. There's not enough plastic surgery in the world to make you pretty i as the bomb dot com. So what are you talking about today on the lounge. I'm talking about the weekend. I've kind of a tribute to my my departed friend. Johnny talk about spring. Spring is coming up soon. I did that already to fuck thing about. That was the first thing to do when kobe is free. I want to go dancing. I talked about that too. You i guess this episodes over this is one of those episodes. We ask you delete it because no-no sometimes these these moments are good too. Sometimes people like to listen to this witty banter. Do you have any hot single friends in new york city now. Could you find that strong black brother or or a really cute like like a officers. Should you think you might look into fall in love. And i'm not looking to date. In fact i'm not looking to date at all. I'm just looking to another reason to go to long island. My godchildren are definitely not a reason. Enough sweetheart god no. I don't even like their parents. Are you kidding me. Children do not supposed to come. I should be there right now. Thank god. I didn't go now. Because i would have been stuck going to these parties. No iota set up in your house and waited out of made other plans. I would have went to the city the bronx. Yeah yeah that's a drive onto the px a look terrible in this camera. I look on moisturizing scary well. It's still raining here. I'm trying to make plans for today. I still don't know what i wanna do. I i would. I would saudis and food for the weekend. Even there's already food here but that was just like an excuse to get out the house. Yeah i usually try to find excuses not to leave my house. Where's where's q. Streets out came out side smoking. He just got back from getting a ship of all right. Well all right. Did you see. I had the beijing earlier this week. That dominican fucked me up those maple as dominicans. I love them. And i don't know why they hate on us. Puerto ricans sh. I know it's supposed to be one love. He's the only one i met that would do something had beijing on my damn facial hair set up i essay. What was that paying for. At least ask me. You don't even know if my skin is sensitive to this crap. Horrible see he set me up. Anyways well jasmine. We thank you so much for your time. I know you gotta go. Is there anything you want to say to the audience at lowe's lounge let people know what you've been up to because harry's been mia. But hey i know. Harry hasn't been on the show in a while that's yet. He's fired on mobile he's been busy. He's he's home owning and doing stuff all we need to do another with a week apple ham. I guess my life seriously. Maybe that'll be the episode. Where i don't talk a whole chapels house crazy seriously. I'll just i'll just hit sound effect buttons in the background that episode. We'll let you go. I love you have funding. Be safe by dream. A dream machine blood green oil spilled into the atlantic depth of talent longing to shine. But do i shine cannot shine define shine my combine. ol- i am the star solidarity. Is my mother holding onto the cure adair dreamer dream a dare to dream. Look fearing the. I give it a mainstay for felt god take over my hand and said i got you. I'm here. he said. Strike the iron so my coffee poured into its excellence. My charisma still twenty one. But all of this is magnificent and while they was acting like melissa sent. I was trying to be something greater dream a dream. I dare you to dream. But if not what is left man. Some voids needs to be filled because energy must produce. And i have a song. It's home full of past love sorrow holding onto the promise of tomorrow dream a dream. I dare you to journey a data. Hold that keyed open doors so suddenly within my dream inside of my dream is cloud a lightbulb. Do not disturb signs that says. Don't call me weird. Don't judge me. Because i'm inside my dream and i daydream a dream you see. Normality frightens me. And so i still dream. Action must be my next up fresh and so clean staredown so mean like a really big glowing. Beam dare to dream and a data jamie dream and as i manifest this reality. This dream is starting to spree. It's like a crime scene on fleeing flying within my dream. I am asking to realize where they're to be reality. I just want to close my eyes right now..

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