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Mind. Oh wildly creative and he just comes up with like these really sort of unique ideas and you put all admit i wish chasing sh more be more more schwartzman within this. He's one of my favorites. I love him but if he was then maybe he would have been kidnapped. Well that was a wild ride. I can't believe i never heard that before. I will believe you. It's just amazing. I'm totally going to look that up as soon as we're done recording okay so those were all like tidbits that i found that i thought were interesting. Oh i did want to just say one less thing about the whole gene. Hackman thing Because we'd it didn't come up yet. Which is that bill. Murray would like kind of stand up to gene hackman and also he like. He was trying to stick up for wes anderson and he would even go to set on days that he didn't have to be there just to kind of try and be like a buffering. Calm things down. Which i thought was really nice. I mean that's good of him for sure. That's why wes. Anderson continues to use bill. Murray and all of his movies and not gene. Hackman i mean you know. He's obviously he uses his friend straight and of course. Yeah because like quite a few people in this cast are in several of anderson's films with lie of the same people and your timing picking. This was really great. because was anderson's tenth movie is coming out real soon. The french dispatch. Which is one that i will probably go to the theater to see. I would like to see it as well. I don't know that all necessarily go season theater. But i would like to see it and gene hackman is not in the french. Just make that note to our listeners. Bill murray is in the french. Just puch and so we won't have to recast the french dispatch in the future. Hopefully so i think that pretty much wraps it. Up for a royal tenenbaums. Let's take our second break before our final segment replied casting is part of the alberta podcast network locally grown community support it and you should check out some other. Alberta podcast network shows such as i have some notes join liam cress with great beaver and scott sieber joie as they examined hollywood's most mediocre movies and attempt to rewrite a better film. How could the man of steel be less of a man of. He'll what could ghostbusters to have done to make bust and feel good again. What could have made star trek generations of film for a generation. All these answers and more on. I have some notes so you can find. I have some notes along with all the other. Amazing albert podcast network podcasts. At alberta podcast network dot com and now back to the show so it is time for our final segment downs. It's time for hold me. Close young tony danza. The segment where we cast twenty. Dan's into one of the roles in this movie. So janet. where do you wanna put tony. I guess tony in the luke wilson role as rich. What isn't that is name in the movie. Richie it is That's not what i was saying. What to because. I totally wanted to see tony in that game. At least one of the things that i love about this is how is how like weird and unique each character is and like just get up. You know the the wardrobe that they all have their just so eccentric and weird like i just love them. And richie is one of my favorite characters in this movie. Like just his whole. Look right with the the sunglasses in like the sweat band around whatever those things are called around at you high just wanted to see tony like as a tennis superstar and like in shorts and just you know love it. I love it worrying. Lake those aviator glass wanted to see tony in that. Get up. And i wanted to see him as richie and see is interpretation of richie. Okay i think he would have been a little too old for that role personally but i love it. I would love to see him with that beard. Definitely and i don't think he's too old great shave. I mean the character is in their twenties. Well this movie is twenty years old so he would have been in his forties. I'm pretty sure he would have been in his fifties already at that point. Now no tony danza. It's twenty seven million a year. i. I don't think he is. He's not seventy yet. I'm pretty sure is still in his sixties So yeah he'd be in his forties. But i mean like tony danza. Forty was like he probably looked like a twenty year old. He was forty so fit like he's so bath definitely he could. He is the body he could definitely pass himself off as like tennis star. Well i tell you're gonna laugh at my choice. I think based on yours. I put him as raleigh saint clair. The bill murray character. Yeah i actually had to. I don't know if i've ever done this for twenty segment. But there was another one that i like to that i think would've been fun And it would have been different with tony in the role which is dusty the elevator operator who also pretends to be a doctor so i think that would have been really fun to see tony danza in that role to listen. I cast him in the ben stiller role. I wanted to see him in that. Adidas warm yeah. I would have been high. I could absolutely picture him in that red tracksuit for sure but i wanted to see his legs and so i wanted to see him like in a tennis outfit. Wake oh yeah i was. I'm so here for that one. Tony amazing There is one thing. I forgot mentioned before our break. Which is the ratings for the movie On imdb had seventy six percent from thirty four critics and on rotten tomatoes ahead and eighty one percent from two hundred and eleven reviewers so yet it's quite well regarded still to this day. Which i think is wonderful. I feel like the movie is. It's a movie that has aged. Well yeah. I almost want to say like it's a classic because what it deals with. That's something by family fraught relationship that he has children like those family dynamics. It's just sort of movie that you watch today. And it's still relatable. I guess maybe absolutely i agree. It's very universal. Like what the themes of the movie are and it is set in present day. 'cause then spoiler alert when royal dies at the end his gravestone does a two thousand and one for his death so it is set in the present day. But everybody looks like they're back in the seventies basically so. I think that helps not dated in a way in terms of the look But yeah yeah. I love this movie. It was fun to watch again. It was the second time. I watched it this year and could.

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