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Can tweet us questions at UK sports network. You can give us a call on the hotline or you can post on the Facebook page for Kentucky basketball where you could see the live streaming coverage of our show. Matthew Mitchell show coming up next many of these same stations at the top of the next hour as they go to LSU tomorrow, Auburn, I mean, no place easy in the league this year. But Auburn I was just looking at ahead of them a little bit today. They've made twenty six threes in the last two games to conference games. They can shoot at eight took forty against Mississippi. Forty three's. You have to drive them off the three point line. We haven't done a very good job of that. But it's going to be important in this game that you know, especially there two guards they can. And they have the ultimate green light. I picked the one player shooting fifteen threes per game. Wow. That's incredible. That's incredible. You're at St. what was I guess was on the show here. Couple of weeks ago. You had the gentleman that was in with the Chinese national team talking about the number of threes in the NBA now sits it's forty nine thousand seventy seven thousand now they're there this weekend. I think or this week there were four games that team scored a hundred forty. Yeah. Or more. It's crazy craziness get to a question. This is from kion. We'll start out with him. He said if you considered switching the bigs in the starting lineup to get off to better starts, we have we have. And what I did last game. We just changed how we were going to play defense early. So instead of playing that the one to two that we played we changed and how we played pick and roll. And how we played post defense. We change just to make us more aggressive. But here's the problem. And I said this after the game. If one guy is not engaged with the other four. You're not going to be very good defensively. You ready for this statement if two of the five on engaged the other team's gonna get dunks. They got five dunks to start the game five. And when you watch it yet a couple of guys just warning gauge with the other guy. So now the question becomes do. We take them out of the starting lineup and go with some other guys, and I've considered it. And it's not like they're not playing well or they're not gonna get minutes. It's just the start of the game for us has been like shaky..

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