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Into the deadly riot that took place in the capital. Investigations already were planned, with Senate hearing scheduled later this month in the Senate Rules Committee. Snowstorm in North Texas is something that National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Shin Art says is not that common for defecting to the forecast and Dallas would be a top 10. No event looking. Historically, another round of storm is approaching from the southwest towards the Northeast, and DFW is going to get hit again. Overnight Temperatures windshields could be down, minus 20. Cunard says. By Monday night into Tuesday, the Northeast is going to see the same weather system that's hit the rest of the country. If he will be rain. New York City will be mostly rain, although they may there may be some sleet and freezing rain for appeared at the beginning. In Boston will be predominantly rain with some sleet and freezing rain Nixon as well. So the more significant winter weather with this system we more central and northern New England, so central northern New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine. That's where we'll see the more significant snowfall in the Northwest. Some 200,000 people in the Portland, Oregon area without power because of the storm there. News and analysis at town hall dot com. Meanwhile, relief Thank you is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question beaten Chef Talbot, the father and son, founders of really Factor tell me they believe our bodies were designed to heal. That's right, designed to heal on Now, I agree. The doctors who formulated really factor for Pete and self selected the four best ingredients 100% drug free ingredients that each help your body deal with inflammation. That's correct each other four ingredients deal with inflammation on a different metabolic. Pathway that right they're approaching your pain from four different angles may very well be. Why so many Americans find such wonderful pain relief If you have back pain, shoulder, neck, hip, knee or foot pain from exercise, or even just getting older, you must order the three week quick start now discounted the only 1995 to see if it will work for you, too. I think it could give your body what it needs to heal itself. Gotta really factor dot com Call 805 183 84 early factor dot com. New Zealand's largest city of Auckland, will be placed in a three day lockdown, beginning just before midnight Sunday following the discovery of three unexplained coronavirus cases in the community. Prime minister just sender are, Dern said the new restrictions are being put in place to deter any more new cases. I'm asking you, Zeeland is to continue to be strong and be kind..

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