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Different states of the world and sopa. We have Is afoot here. You know right from the Catholic been successful in convincing policymakers of your ideas that you know taxing gas would be listed Well so let me back up a second so you said the analysts can do whatever they want. It goes up to the decision. Makers the ceo of the company and that's true with the federal government level as well the trump administration wanted to roll back the fuel economy standards that were set by the obama administration and so they went to the epa and the department of transportation. They said in order to rollback regulations. You have to do the same serious analysis as was done to to enact the regulation in the first place and so the analyst did the regulation the analysts it was the same analyst who had done analysis to put the regulation forward in the first place that had net benefits that were positive and so undoing. The regulation would reduce those would have net costs. And in fact that's what the department of transportation's regulatory impact analysis showed it showed. This will be net harmful to american cars consumers and yet the olympic passed it and president trump signed it and it was Finalized as regulation now this week in the news. It's come under scrutiny. Because some of the epa analysts Work were complained about the process and left out of the loop on that process but they announced this was done. It showed net costs. It went to the ceo which was in this case. The president and the president signed it anyway. I sometimes think the solutions office better has even if even if I don't have all your analysis. I would say you know. Some sort of a consumption tax on gas or some sort of carbon carbon emission tax would be the simplest hicham. Brian's they'd easily understood is likely to be the the dogma policy. But it's not that simple is it. it's simple economically. it's just not simple. Politically intersts symbol politically. Yeah so we have to some figuring out a way to do you think. Are you optimistic. That i mean from an economics perspective because bissett's in the of the of the best understanding.

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