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When it comes to business lending. They make it personal and listen to what matters to you Learn more at byline bank dot com Traffic and weather together on the tens looks like it's snowing up there. D be logical it is it is. Yeah, that means everybody's gonna be extra. Careful. Make sure you have your headlights on. Right now. Westbound 94. We are dealing with an accident at 13th Street right out of the Mark Katz So from downtown to the zoo to change to an 11 minute ride that is an extra four from the zoo to Highway 16. That's going to be about 15 minutes of five minute delay eastbound side so far looking Okay at 17 from Highway 16 to downtown 41 south on Highway Cute zoo 15 minutes up on 43. Round the road to Marquette right now, What about a 12 minute rival? Watch that start to go up a little bit because of the delays on westbound 94 red of the Marquette and then on 80 for north bound from the hills zu five minutes with traffic and weather together on the tense I'm Debbie Logica am j palatable dot com. Time Ridder would seem to indicate this will be a short burst of snow at least in the Milwaukee area. In the meantime, Expect cloudy skies once the snow clears out a high Today of 40 Year, five day forecast my T back attorneys I'm hurt at work. Contact a bag for the payback Tonight Partly cloudy, patchy frost 30 at the lake for a low 24 West Sunny tomorrow 43 sunshine on Wednesday with a high of 52. Thursday. Clouds 50 Friday son and 50 walking shot 32 Milwaukee 32 AT W. T. M. Jake winners and losers in the pandemic gets pretty easy along the list Barbie, one of the pandemics Victor's sales, spiking 29% in the third quarter for the doll. It spans the ages, the biggest jump for the iconic toy and at least two decades. You make my body Not bad.

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