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Free month's trial of unlimited access on with the show on with the show. Okay it is time for back number two and that is my fact fact. This week that no one really knows what order. The chronicles of narnia should be read in not even cs lewis new. Is it actually the wardrobe the and allied role this time so basically this is something. That's been bubbling away in the background amongst academics who loves cs lewis and fans of the chronicles of narnia. Where they don't actually know which order to read the book in because there's been various publications over the years that have them put in different orders. So there's a book that appears quite late in the series called the magician's nephew which is actually a prequel to what is thought to be the first book the line the witch and the wardrobe so in certain publishers have republished the book series. They'll make the magician's nephew book number. One but people argue that no that should be later on in the series like they were originally published and so the only thing that we really know about. Cs lewis preference came from a letter that he wrote to an eleven year old boy. Nineteen fifty seven. Who said that. He thinks that it should be read in the chronological order but his mother thought it should be in the original publication order starting with the line which wardrobe so he wrote back. Cs lewis saying. I think i agree with your reading. The books more than with your mother's the series was not plan beforehand as she thinks when i wrote the lion i did not know it was going to write any more so perhaps it does not matter very much which order anyone reads them so even he was like. I'm not going to settle on a side and as a result that letter has been analyzed so many times by different academics who use it as him with that final line saying it doesn't matter what order and the other academics go to the top of the letter and say no. He thinks he agrees with the boys order. And so we just don't know christ which academics analyzing and reanalyzing this very brief letter from cs lewis. It's not done doing. Is it just as a matter. Just accept it and move on. I know so. You don't know how busy he was when he was writing this letter. Like my all honestly. It doesn't matter leave me alone. He just had a thing. He had to respond to letters. And he just said something. Flippant lane didn't really analyze it himself because they all stand alone books on your on new. Have you read the more now. I haven't read the ball. But i'm a massive fan of the line the witch and the wardrobe which i've started reading my daughter actually as of last night on such a dipstick that years and years into my adult life having been obsessed with line which will dribble my life. I had to go on a television program and talk about it and there was a qa and someone asks me about the fact that it was a christian allegory. And i didn't realize until i would really absolutely clueless. There was very little religion in my life as a child. And i just thought this. Resurrection was coincidental with what happened to jesus. But why would you. I mean there is no reason why you would know as a child interesting reading it as an adult. Because i did. I read all the books in the order that the came in the box that magicians nephew i and seven or whatever. You're not really looking for the message. And in fact even if the message is round down your throat you're likely to mix. You're excited by their. They're going into a into a couplet. Cs lewis. he was a serious christian. Lots of ways. And in fact. I think he was described in his victory as more of a christian thinker. One of his obituaries in the new york. Times didn't even mention the lives of which are the wardrobe didn't mention noneya described him as a christian apologist and oh come ties wontonly highbrow to really pretentious extent. It was his biggest hit by a long way. I was as big as two. Yeah but he converted to christianity. I really like this fact on a trip to whipsnade zoo and specifically in a motorbike sidecar on route to whipsnade zoo. What i think he went with his his brother or brother in law and he wrote later on when we set out i did not believe that jesus christ is the son of god and when we reached the zoo i did and the journey was on a motorbike and he was in the sidecar so he had a conversion christianity in a motorbike. Sidecar what happened. What possibly happened in that. I think it was probably the culmination of a process. It wasn't as though they saw a burning bush on route. Okay do you know that we know the population of nanya exactly nineteen thousand two hundred and fifty two. Thank you eating. The squirrels all good point human population. Because there's a real place called. Danica is in italy nadi these days but in classical times it was called narnia and cs. Louis zora as as a young man on a classical matt which was written in latin and it just labeled it ninety the name just stuck with him it could have been chelmsford. I don't know if that would have caught his eye quite the same way. Maybe i looked into narnia in italy and it didn't look as if they had done anything specifically to capitalize on. You know you could. You could quite easily turn yourself into a tourist town. Couldn't you yeah. I think they've got the dignity to resist. It is my hunch Do you think it's really. It's not some of power in the north of the they've got really nice places that i need to trick. Yeah because if that was embarrassing that they'd be selling little. Mr thomas keyring even just some sort of like carpentry cupboard shop that is has italian. Do something use it. What cupboards with the false back. That's a good idea. Actually that could be really fun with dan. I know you're always looking for a pilgrimage to go on to see good places of an associated with great people you can see the wardrobe. The wardrobe is in illinois for weird reasons. It's the lewis family wardrobe which was at his family home. Belfast for years and then it got his home. So it's definitely the wardrobe and it was auctioned off and taken to a place called wheaton college and is there these days with tolkien's desk so they're united even death and i bet that's the place that's capitalizing on the connection by making the first time walking through recovered. It wasn't in the line the which in the wardrobe. It was in nineteen forty-six essay that he wrote called different tastes in literature. Wow yeah and now. Let's caccia now. That's the he uses as an analogy of the experience of reading poetry. You know you walk through her wardrobe into another realm and he's used that in that boat so recycled a lot of his ideas. Did you ever try to to get into nonieres children. Yes oh my lord. Yeah like pushing through. Yeah if i if i just do maybe this maybe just close my eyes albeit narnia hours. I hope it. It was very controversial for him when he was writing it because he wrote about the cupboard wardrobe and then he sent a draft. The friend owen barfield whose daughter was lucy. Lucy was cs lewis daughter after him. The character of lucy is named and anyway lucy's mom in buffets wife said with. This is really dangerous. You can't have this peak. Kids will start locking themselves in cupboards. That's really dangerous. Lucy's gonna lock us. Open a cupboard. And then so you'll notice he added all these amendments the tax four or five references in the techs to your house saying but in the cupboard leaving it open just a bit because it is very foolish to shut oneself into a wardrobe and then repeatedly exactly very rammed in to make sure that probably safety from locking yourself in trouble to this day whenever i climb into a wardrobe. I'm careful to leave..

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