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Utility smart make the right choice and know what's below well hostages held their opponents to sixty just over sixty five points per game play really good guy fence there. Big physical defense that plays with a lot of contacts basket and Caleb west. It's the biggest them all an Indiana has really struggled to score in the Tate early in this game. When he was four in the pays the defense to kind of key in on one area. And that's exactly what's happened to this. Indian offense hoosiers have really struggled. Get anything going still only five of nineteen from the field early in this game hoosiers have resorted to shooting threes because they can't the only two of eight but already eight three point attempts here early in this game for Indiana. Got the ball to start this series. As devante green has it takes it to the right side it outside the Justice Ruth whose return to the lineup of place of fantasy off to Al Durham Durham now slides it into the lane courses what I to go, and he's fouled on the plane. You gotta do that, Dan. You gotta drive the basket. They're taking away doi- Morgan on the post as a guard. You got to attack the rim. You can do that score that's gonna make everybody else's life a lot easier. Nice move there by Albarn. Called on Ohio State as Durham goes to the free throw line. A free one by allies around rounded, and he makes a three point play out of L door gets this first watching a ballgame. The Anna has cut that lead that Baghdad to just two for Ohio State. Here's Keyshawn woods throws out to move. Mussa Jallow who's back for Ohio State Seattle Muhammed off, right? It comes to woods now on the right side to operate Watson. Back out of comes to Muhammad fares. It off the woods on the left work. He tries to work pulls up. Fires up. A what had hit it as to? What was on? But nevertheless, he shot woods. Having a nice start to this ball game. He's got his sex. Boy, here's the data Al Durham, he raise it back outside. Throws it back left. The devante take green takes it to the top of the key with the dribble pulls up little fourteen footer is off the rim. No, go to the Reebok comes the jello. He clears the worst back comes Ohio State, Indiana shooting very poli- in this ball game. Well, under thirty percent down inside a Caleb Washington. Throws up a shot off the glass right back into his hands. Lost the handle let us kicked out of bounds. And it's awful. But Caleb busted, Indiana. We'll have a ball. Nice job by Justin Smith. I tell you what Indiana is a bit slow with that double team. I'm surprised to see that. They're not keying in more on Caleb west, and he's been able to catch the ball really close to the basket. And no double team has been there acting Indiana lucky that time that western wasn't able to draw foul for score around the rim. Fitoussi comes in for devante grade. Rubio lacquers Roberts. Here's rob Fitoussi giving it off the Romeo. He brings it outdoor. Midcourt then breaks it back to the right side rebels back to the left. There's it back. The Justice Smith, you'll go a three t ribs it high off the board and a foul called down inside. I think this is gonna be against Ohio State, Dan, Andrei Washington gets mailed out of the ad is far wrapped around Joon mortgage. I think they gave it to Jallow there. Yeah, you're right. They did give it to boost Ajao mismatch underneath the basket. Jealous given up about three inches there. Don and sometimes as a guard, and I learned this at an early age. It's better just to hold on for dear life and hope the official doesn't call it. And that's exactly what happened with Jolla. They're looking at the monitor. So I would assume that that means they're checking to see if that's a hooking call sometimes becomes an intentional or they now call it a flagrant one. Yeah. And that's a new rule that's been put into place this year to really kinda disincentivize those guards from doing that or anybody for that back owning on with your arms. It's supposed to protect against injury. I don't remember seeing a lot of injuries that way by home somebody's arm down. But at the same time, it's the new all these players have got to understand. And it's very possible there that Giao kinda got the hook hooking hold going on Jon Morgan to keep from getting that offense rebound bands ever wonder what the most comfortable? Billow feels like go to mypillow dot com, click on the four pack special that ever promo code hoosiers to find out you'll get two premium pillows and two go anywhere pillows for fifty percents off when you use promo code hoosiers. Probably officials are still looking at the tape here. And now what officials steps away or they bring in the other official. So they got to confirm everything, right? That's what makes this really tough. Call a lot of times you got guys tangled up here. And if you gotta have multiple rafts go up to the replay because you're not sure on whether or not something should be an intentional one. Because you're not sure if it's truly a hawk. I mean, it's it's so subjective there on.

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