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It is without giving too much away is going to be of big and scope or is it something. Are you going to stay within the vehicle of fairy tales are how you thinking about the next thing for you. I mean i think what's interesting. Is you know we built this sort of like and to see umbrella now called ever never world which is sort of. I almost think of it. Like a like a disney brand where you can have different different stories in different universes maybe connect with you like or not connect them and so you know the school is there. There are options to deuce. Do more stories around the school and continue building that universe. There's also options to go off and do different things you know so. I know that. I have a book that i'm working on for next year. That's almost not almost done but like eighty percent there and then They'll be graphic novel coming in twenty twenty three that is in the process of stories done. Now they're very deep into doing the are so those are the the next of two danes and then s for what ready next. I have an idea of something. But i think i probably need a break just because I put a book out. And i will through to twenty twenty three. I will put out every year or for eleven years so I don't know i might take a little break And and see what happens with the movie and all that then decide the next. But i don't know it's very hard to tell me because i said that affect missile within three weeks so It's i. I never know.

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