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The slaves days gene right all the politicians in the early era that came out of virginia george washington thomas jefferson james madison james monroe they they were all slaveholders and now virginia has an african american lieutenant governor a black uh lieutenant governor i'm sorry that sgr new jersey the first female african american legion both jersey and virginia new jersey course was not a slice laced a nails was and charlotte north carolina as the first female africanamerican mayor by the way this list that i have always compiled by philip lewis and will of fresh over at uh how to impose politics geneva yvonne spicer was elected the framing nhem massachusetts gdp recently voted she'd be gbs gene a woman joyce craig largest city in new hampshire just elected its first maher tyler nitzani erie school board becoming the first openly transgender persons johnny elected in the state of pennsylvania keep in mind i mean this is this is just a couple of years after the elected officials in north carolina in a voted to basically trash chat transgender people you get transgender people winning in races all over the country it's amazing ravinder bala elected the mirror of hoboken new jersey tuesday night she is the first seek america are they actually i think his press sick as i k a the sick to be elected mayor of a of a set of that city elizabeth guzman and how a yala defeated republican tacoma's to become the first elected to the again people who are you know with it six to earn a jenny durkin wahhabi uh john beyond openly gay marriage you also will be the emerald city's first woman mayor since 1928 melvin carter we'll become the city's first african american mirror in st paul minnesota kathy chugged vietnamese refugee became the first asian american woman adjoin virginia says the delegates janet dea's will become the first time.

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